Fan Favourite: What Aero Flavour Do You Want To See Next?

Today I want to talk to you about an excited project I have just got involved with for one of my favourite chocolate brands, Aero. I think something might be happening that might, potentially, knock Mint Aero off its pedestal as my favourite Aero flavour. Aero are going to be launching a new, permanent flavour in their range, and they want all of you to vote which one you want to see on the shelves. When I first got the email about this I was very, very excited, and not just because collaborations with Aero mean doing something totally mental. Readers who were with me over the Summer might remember the big green space hopper?

Aero Flavours

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So, as you can probably tell from my handy graphic that there are going to be four flavours to choose from: Strawberry, Cappuccino, Lemon and White Chocolate. Much to my Mothers disappointment who would much rather I was pushing for coffee, I’m going to be Aero’s online ambassador for Strawberry during the campaign. How totally awesome would a Strawberry Aero bar be? And then hopefully down the line Strawberry Aero Bubbles anyone? Voting is now open on their Facebook Page, so vote Strawberry! You can vote once a day, but as many times as you want.  

Aero Logo

As the Strawberry ambassador you can expect a few updates from me here on the blog and on social media about how the campaign is going, my thoughts on the chocolate and some Aero related recipes I’ve already started mentally concocting. I should be getting some samples of the chocolate through soon, so that will probably be what you can look forward to next, in a recipe post. On a side note for my American readers wondering what the hell Aero tastes like, it is awesome and you really ought to find your nearest store that sells British candy (though we call this a chocolate bar) and try the amazing original chocolate flavour. If you live in Los Angeles I’ve done the leg work for you; you can sometimes get Aero as well as some other wonderful British and European sweet treats at Mr. Marcel at The Original Farmers Market by The Grove, and without fail you can always find Aero at Rocket Fizz, and amazing candy store that has treats from all over the world on Broxton Avenue in Westwood Village, my old neighbourhood.

What flavour will you be voting for. (Strawberry, say Strawberry!)

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