What Does Your Favourite Tea Say About You?

Today is a day that is rather special to most Brits (including those of us like me who are strictly into fruit and herbal): National Tea Day. I know it is a bit of a stereotype that every British person loves a good cup of tea, but things have been a bit of a roller-coaster over the past month, and I know at some of the most stressful moments, we’ve all automatically offered to go and make a brew, and it has made us feel so much better. So, as the guys at English Tea Shop have sent me a selection of their teas to mark the occasion, I thought I’d reflect on some of my favourite teas, and what our love of tea says about us as a tea drinking nation! 

What Does Your Favourite Tea Says About You? | www.rachelphipps.com @rachelphipps
The English Tea Company Tea Selection | www.rachelphipps.com @rachelphipps

Usually I don’t pay much attention to half the data (designed to promote one brand or another) that lands in my inbox, but as I knew I would be writing about tea today, I thought I’d share a few tea factoids that were sent through by kettle makers Smarter: I don’t know how accurate this is, but according to their survey English breakfast drinkers are optimistic, Earl Grey drinkers are thoughtful, peppermint tea drinkers are extroverts (yes, I can totally see this in myself), green tea drinkers are pessimistic, and ginger tea drinkers are introverts. Also, while nearly half of the UK (44%) takes its tea between 2-4pm, my family and I who have a cup of tea at 9pm every evening fall only into the 4% who also do this.

The English Tea Shop Teabags | www.rachelphipps.com @rachelphipps

A little word on the teas: I think as I am a fruity tea/ herbal tea drinker I’m rather into my fancy teas, but I’m big on tea bags because they are just so much easier! I’m also after fun flavours so I can change it up a bit, and I love how sweet and drinkable the super berries tea is, how spicy the chocolate, rooibos and vanilla is, and how different the tropical green tea is. For me, the mark of a good tea is the peppermint, and this one is light, fragrant and refreshing! And they are all organic, a couple of them fair trade too. 

National Tea Day | www.rachelphipps.com @rachelphipps

So, in honour of National Tea Day, I’d love to hear your favourite routine for a good cup of tea. Also, if you’re after the same beautiful tin of tea I’m now drinking out of, English Tea Shop are giving one away over on their social channels, and you can enter to get your hands on one here. Oh, and my mug. My mug is from Joules; they sadly don’t make them with hens on anymore, but there is one with a lobster wearing Breton stripes on, so that’s okay. Happy National Tea Day everyone!

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