Weekly Love: Week 131

Hasn’t the weather been glorious? I know some people have found it too hot, but I live for the Summer weather, both in the city when I’ve been flitting to and from meetings, and in the countryside where I can find a nice sunny spot to do my days work from with a nice tall glass of iced water. Working your way across London to meet people in various cafes and office is so much nicer when you don’t have to worry about having an umbrella, and where their air conditioning comes as a pleasant surprise. In case you had not noticed, as usual I’ve been eating a lot recently (what changes?), so I hope that has been suitably reflected in this edition!
Weekly Love 130614[1]

1. Summer time means it is finally fully BBQ season! | 2. The simply show stopping Queen of Puddings dessert at Deeson’s in Canterbury. | 3. It is salad season, and this beauty is coming soon! | 4. Mackerel and Pickled Red Onion Crostini, and a flip through Waitrose Kitchen between meetings at my favourite little Italian bar in Covent Garden, Augustus Harris. | 5. Supper sunny country days over the Kentish countryside. | 6. Sampling Club Burrito in Canterbury. I’d call it more drunk food than a restaurant destination, but I want to go back for cocktails because their guacamole is amazing.

Weekly Love 130614[2]

7. The ‘Chocolate Chiller Thriller’ with Honeycomb ice cream at The Griffins Head, my favourite pub in Kent. | 8. Trust when I move off of Mile End Road Soho House open up a Dirty Burger/ Chicken Shop outpost there. Their English Muffin topped with Fried Egg, Roast Tomato and Avocado breakfast is unbeatable. | 9. Their raspberry doughnuts are also amazing. | 10. Good green breakfast smoothies, | 11. My heart almost stopped when I discovered that my favourite stationary company in the world, Sugar Paper, Los Angeles now stocks selected styles of their notecards and notebooks in Selfridges. | 12. Mussels in Cream and Cider at Deeson’s.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I’m going to be at home working hard on future continent, as I’m off on holiday for two weeks the weekend after! And I’ve got to unpack all the boxes that used to be my London flat…