Weekly Love: Week 142

I’ve had an insanely busy few weeks trying to get everything done in time for my festive deadlines, but I’ve found the time for a bit of fun with friends, Christmas shopping and a good few festive parties in between times, too. Also, I hope you’ve been enjoying my festive content so far. Stay tuned, as I have so much more amazing stuff planned soon! Remember, if you still need help with your Christmas shopping, you can find my gift guide For The Total Bookworm here, For The Londoner here, For Him here and For The Total Foodie here.

Weekly Love 051214[1]

1. At Tuesday night I headed over to Recipease in Notting Hill for Jamie Oliver’s book party for Jamie’s Comfort Food. More party pictures to follow next week! | 2. Amazing Pulled Pork from Caboose off Brick Lane. | 3. Celebration cakes from Jamie’s Comfort Food at Jamie Oliver’s book party. | 4. Sharing a delicious seafood platter at The Shakespeare in Canterbury. | 5. Wandering through Leadenhall Market in The City on a deserted Sunday afternoon. It is where they filmed Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter films! | 6. Duck burgers from Bad Boys Bakery at Foodies Festival London.

All Day 'Egg Dump'
Quick Malaysian Salmon Curry 

A couple more festive eats for you here now from my Wozedu column. For something quick, filling and all day that uses up whatever you have leftover in your fridge click through for my All Day ‘Egg Dump’, or for something a bit different (and very warming!) click through for my Quick Malaysian Salmon Curry. I’d love to hear your thoughts! I hope my student recipes in my column every week have been helpful. 

Weekly Love 051214[2]

7. Decanting this years Damson Gin. You can find my method here. | 8. Simply stunning desserts and champagne at Pernod Ricard’s Christmas Media Lunch. | 9. Reading in the pub with a pint of Whitstable Bay. | 10. Golden Hour over the Kentish countryside. | 11. Getting ready for my close up with Matthew, my giant 500g web exclusive Lindt bear. He makes a great gift, but hurry. There are only 494 of him left! | 12. The other weekend I was invited down to BIRD in Shoreditch to sample their new fried chicken offering. I used to live in the area; it is a great local joint with good cocktails. Personally, I can recommend the wings with gouchang glaze, and the fried chicken pieces with the unbeatable honey ginger glaze. 

Do you remember when I attended Uyen Luu’s fantastic East London Vietnamese Supper Club back in the Summer? Well, the evening was in partnership with Leisure Cookers, and I’ve now got three recipes to share with you from the meal, with what we ate at each course. Personally, I can really recommend the soup!

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I’m in France right now, so I’m no doubt curled up with a good book right now, as well as eating and drinking far too much of the local goods!