Breakfast for Dinner with Le Creuset

Escaping from the rain just off Bermondsey Street (though, I did enjoy checking a wonderful new grocer that opened a few weeks ago, the Giddy Grocer – do check it out!), up a couple of dark flights of stairs I joined Le Creuset for a spot of breakfast for dinner (in my view, the best meal ever), served up in their beautiful new city inspired collection, cooked up by chef Stevie Parle (who you might know from his restaurants Palantino, Dock Kitchen and Craft London. The table looked so beautiful, the collection was a lovely new colour (you know I’m such a massive fan of anything Le Creuset) and we ate some really great food that has inspired me with a few more brunch ideas I thought I’d share a few snaps from the evening.
Brunch Toasts with Le Creuset | @rachelphipps
Brunch-for-Dinner with Le Creuset | @rachelphipps
Le Creuset Dinner Table | @rachelphipps
Brunch for Dinner with Le Creuset | @rachelphipps
Setting the table with Le Creuset | @rachelphipps
Le Creuset Floral Arrangements | @rachelphipps
Le Creuset Table Setting | @rachelphipps
London Bridge Loft | @rachelphipps
AW17 Le Creuset Collection | @rachelphipps
Le Creuset New Marine Collection | @rachelphipps
Le Creuset AW17 Collection | @rachelphipps

Before we get on to the food, can we first talk about how beautiful the new Le Creuset ‘Taste of the City’ collection is? It is a mixture of their classic coloured items in a wonderful ombre dark blue, a clean white and a lovely grey (they’re called marine, cotton and flint if you’re looking online!), and more standard items like frying pans and roasting trays. Recently they send me a couple of items from their toughened non-stick collection (I already own and swear by their toughened non-stick shallow casserole dish, and look out for some of the items coming in their own recipe blog posts soon!), and I’m a little in love with the coating. You see that deep coated roasting tin at the bottom there? I roasted a chicken with an onion trivet, then made a pan gravy and the whole thing did not involve any scrubbing at all to wash up – it just wiped clean!

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Le Creuset Brunch Toasts | @rachelphipps
Brunch Toasts | @rachelphipps
Figs & Ricotta on Toast | @rachelphipps
To start, we had a feast of brunch toasts made on one of their griddle pans: smoked salmon with a soft boiled egg and capers, asparagus with a marmite hollandaise and salmon roe, ricotta, minted figs and honey, and a mini steak tartare – by far my favourite (which can be made by finely chopping 50g of lean aged rare breed beef, and combining it with salt, pepper, 1 tbsp of good extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 tsp of capers, 1/2 tsp of dijon mustard and 1 tsp of white wine vinegar, spooning the mixture onto toast and garnishing with a quail yolk, a bit of parsley and some thinly sliced shallot – perfect as we head into party season!)

Baked Eggs with Chickpeas & Tomatoes | @rachelphipps
Farro, Roasted Veggies & Mozzarella | @rachelphipps
Garlic Spinach | @rachelphipps
Brunch for Dinner | @rachelphipps
For our mains we feasted on chickpea, tomato and saffron baked eggs, with autumn vegetables with farrow and mozzarella, and some wilted greens on the side. It was all delicious, and very similar to my Baked Eggs with Chickpeas, Tomatoes and Basil. I loved the idea of taking a typical brunch dish and making it into a proper feast by serving it up with a few sides – I know the idea of this meal was to make brunch for dinner, but this is an idea that would really dress up any savoury brunch dish for a dinner party or evening gathering.

Dutch Baby Pancake | @rachelphipps
Dutch Baby Toppings with Le Creuset | @rachelphipps
Dutch Baby Pancake with Sweet Toppings | @rachelphipps

Another fun idea of making brunch dinner party friendly came at dessert where big, plain dutch baby pancakes were brought to the table, along with different dishes of toppings so that we could build our own (I went pistachio, raspberry, fresh coconut and mascarpone!) If you want to make your own I’ve included a recipe for a plain one in my book, and you can find a few more of my dutch baby recipes here: Caramalised Apple & Cinnamon Dutch Baby Pancake, Gingerbread & Pomegranate Dutch Baby Pancake, and my Nutella & Banana Dutch Baby Pancake.

In honour of such a lovely breakfast-for-dinner with probably my all time favourite cookware brand, I’ve gone on a trawl of my recipe archive for some of my favourite Le Creuset recipes to give you all a bit more inspiration: Farmhouse Homemade Chicken Stock, Baked Eggs in a Spicy Tomato Sauce, ‘Winter Cure’ Kale, Barley & Root Vegetable Soup, Single Serving Brunch Frittatas, Dark Chocolate Marmalade Brown Bread & Butter Pudding, Dippy Eggs with Anchovy Butter Soldiers, One Pot Roast Chicken Thighs with Lentils and Rosemary, Full English Breakfast Casserole, Slow Cooked Gin & Tomato Brisket, Baked Eggs with Black Pudding & Potatoes