Weekly Love: Week 186

I’ve got some really really stupidly exciting news for you all, but it is going to have to wait until next week. I could tell you now, but I want all the final touches to be ready before the grand unveiling. And besides, when I’ve waited the past 12 months to tell you all, I think I can wait another couple of days. For now, make yourself a nice mug of tea and sit down to enjoy this weeks links and photo round up, and to try and guess what on earth I’m going on about. Answers on a postcard please (or in the comments section!) Oh, and for those of you who actually know me in real life and know what I’m so excited about, please don’t tell so I can be the one to give the game away! (Oh, and if you want to be the first to know, please sign up to my monthly newsletter, as I’ll be sending a blast out to all my subscribers before I post anything up here!)

Weekly Love 11.11.16[1]

1. Eating the most fantastic street pizza at the Canterbury Festival from That’s Amore! Pizza Co. | 2. Breakfasting on my favourite dish at The Skinny Kitchen in Canterbury yet: a delicious smoky baked egg pot with sweet potato, feta and a lovely warm toasted wrap (and obviously my favourite Skinny Bunny smoothie!) | 3. Stopping to shoot the obligatory Liberty London flower display Instagram. | 4. Running around London in my favourite Nike trainers: super stylish, yet really light so they weigh barely  anything in my bag if I’m slipping in and out of heels. | 5. Tucking into the delicious box of Milk Caramel Praline Sea Salt Truffles Charbonnel et Walker sent me for Bonfire Night. | 6. Christmas is coming on Deal High Street with mountains of clementines starting to pile up outside the greengrocers.

Weekly Love 11.11.16[2]

7. Beautiful Autumn foliage outside the greenhouse. | 8. Taking the new menu at The Diner for a test drive: my picks? The corn dogs and red velvet pancakes with berry compote and cream cheese frosting. | 9. Rewarding myself for putting up with delayed trains at St. Pancras with Godiva chocolate strawberries. | 10. This year’s family pumpkin carving competition. Sadly my cheshire cat pumpkin lost. | 11. Friday night family dinner at Thai Time in Sandwich. | 12. My favourite ‘happened here’ sign in Middle Street, Deal.

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