Weekly Meal Plan #3: Breakfast for Dinner

Doesn’t eating foods usually had for breakfast at dinner time always make the meal feel so much more like a treat? I think this sort of thinking is what we ought to be bringing to our weeknights, and as I’m more of a savoury person over sweet anyway this week for my Weekly Meal Plan I’ve chosen five of my favourite breakfast and brunch recipes that would also make totally respectable fun weeknight dinner options. (This also doubles up as a post on how to eat eggs for dinner every night next week without actually realising it as I’ve tried to put as much variety as possible into my selection – be sure to buy a couple of big boxes!)

Weekly Meal Plan Breakfast For Dinner
Hangover Cure Chilaquiles #chilaquiles #breakfast #brunch #mexican

Monday: Hangover Cure Chilaquiles

You want something bright, colourful and exciting when you get home from the first day back at work after the weekend, so my Hangover Cure Chilaquiles are just the ticket. I usually bill them as something to use up leftovers from Mexican-style cooking, but in reality they’re just as great to make from scratch if you’re looking at the evening meal. Leftover salsa is great spooned over everything from scrambled eggs to steamed or boiled rice, but you have to be sure to either use up a whole can of black beans in one sitting (make bigger chilaquiles in a bigger pan if you’re making more than just a solo supper) or throw them into a salad the next day as they don’t really keep more than 24 hours once opened if they’re not cooked into something.

Farro, Avocado & Egg Breakfast Bowl with Miso Yogurt #avocado #egg #miso #barley #spinach #healthy #breakfast #breakfastbowl

Tuesday: Farro, Avocado & Egg Breakfast Bowl with Miso Yogurt

There is an argument that grain-heavy breakfast bowls are more of a lunchtime meal anyway, so why not make one for dinner? Not only is my Farro, Avocado & Egg Breakfast Bowl with Miso Yogurt filling without making you feel too heavy after eating it, making it for dinner can help you get a head start on meal prep for lunches in the week ahead without any extra effort. Extra cooked grains can form the basis for all manners of salads (or bulk out not-quite-a-portion soup leftovers), and cold, semi-soft boiled eggs make the perfect protein boost or mid-morning snack (make your own spinach and egg pots rather than picking them up in Pret!)

Spicy Baked Eggs in Tomato Sauce #bakedeggs #eggs #tomato #breakfast #brunch

Wednesday: Spicy Baked Eggs in Tomato Sauce

Eggs baked in some kind of tomato sauce is a tale as old as time/ avocado toast at this point, but it does not mean that they don’t make the perfect dinner served with a whole load of crusty bread, rather than just being relegated to the brunch section. Mine is a pretty simple recipe, but you can use it as a vehicle for all sorts of leftovers that may be in the fridge. Try frying cubes of chorizo up at the start in the pan so they release their flavourful oils, throwing in cooked beans or leftover blanched or sautéed veggies, or twist through some sheets of parma ham close to its use by date just before serving. Crumbled feta is delicious over the top, too.

Easy Coconut Kedgeree #kedgeree #rice #salmon #coconut #breakfast #brunch

Thursday: Easy Coconut Kedgeree

As a classic breakfast food, I know some people in the west think it is odd to eat rice for breakfast, so kedgeree is a bit out there. However, I think that while this is a great breakfast, that also means it is perfect for any time of the day. Change it up a bit by playing around with different types of flaked fish, or by swapping out the poached egg for a couple of hard boiled ones in quarters instead. This is also a great vehicle for any leftover soft herbs like coriander and parsley you have have lying around, too.

Strapatsada with Basil and Pine Nuts #strapatsada #greek #tomato #eggs #breakfast #brunch #basil #pinenuts

Friday: Strapatsada with Basil & Pine Nuts

Strapatsada is my favourite thing to make when I’ve got a few tomatoes going slightly soft that need using up in the fridge. I know it may not look like the prettiest from the picture, but this mixture of slowly coked down, chopped fresh tomatoes cooked with eggs is perfect for both clearing the fridge at the end of the week, and as an indulgent solo supper, scooped straight up from the pan with some soft, fresh bread.

A few ideas for the weekend: why not get a jump on some of the food holidays we have coming up in the next few weeks, Valentines Day, Pancake Day and Chinese New Year. A few of my favourites; Hoisin Duck Pancake Wraps, Valentines Waffles with Rose Syrup Strawberries and Creme Fraiche, How To Make Homemade Sesame Prawn Toasts, Heart Shaped Strawberry & Champagne Jellies, Banana & Nutella Dutch Baby Pancake.