Weekly Meal Plan: A Very French Affair

Hot King Prawns In Garlic Butter #prawns #shrimp #shellfish #seafood Anchovy, Caper & Potato Salad with French Vinaigrette | www.rachelphipps.com @rachelphipps

Monday: Anchovy, Caper & Potato Salad with French Vinaigrette

I love this punchy, hearty salad (it’s got potatoes in it for crying out loud) with capers, anchovies and French dressing to kick off the week, especially if I’ve over-indulged at lunch. And, it is always wonderful to have a jar of classic French vinaigrette made up in the fridge (especially for another salad later in the week!)

Creamy Mushroom Savoury Dutch Baby Baked Pancake #dutchbaby #pancake #mushroom #pancakeday

Tuesday: Creamy Mushroom Savoury Dutch Baby Pancake

Not strictly French per-se, I do still think of this pancake as from my favourite food country down to the creamy mushroom topping, which always reminds me of Northern French sauces, usually piled onto a steak or a grilled piece of meal. A great, solo veggie supper if you’re looking for something a bit heartier than a dinner salad.

French Walnut Salad with Goats Cheese Croutons

Wednesday: French Walnut Salad with Goats Cheese Croutons & Vinaigrette

Inspired by my trips to the Dordogne, this French salad is hearty enough for a light weeknight meal, loaded up with crunchy walnuts and giant crisp croutons topped with melty goats cheese.

Quiche Lorraine 5

Thursday: Classic Quiche Lorraine

When it comes to quiche, while I sometimes do like to play around with different flavours and fillings, nothing really beats the classic. You can make the pastry ahead whenever you have a moment, then all you need to do is mix up and pour in the filling and bake it for dinner (or just use a pre-made case, but make sure you choose a good quality one!) The leftovers will be delicious for lunch either at work or over the weekend.

Hot King Prawns In Garlic Butter #prawns #shrimp #shellfish #seafood

Friday: Hot King Prawns in Garlic Butter

These prawns are one of my favourite Friday night dinners. Pick them up on the way home along with some fresh French bread for mopping up the juices and a nice cold bottle of rose from the end of the supermarket aisle, and really start the weekend in style.

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