Student Suppers: Potato Hash with Baked Eggs & Tomatoes

Potato Hash with Baked Eggs & Tomatoes

I write all the time about easy weeknight meals, but I don’t actually sit and acknowledge the hypocrisy of this, at least just a little bit. Because, really, there is no such thing as a true ‘weeknight’ meal for me, not anymore. Okay yes, there are days I’ve been out and about rushing around at meetings or travelling to or from Kent when I arrive with not much time to make dinner, but in reality it is on those nights I’m more likely to reach for my phone and open Deliveroo. Then there are days when I get distracted, I look up at the clock and I’m still writing away at 6pm without a thought towards starting supper, but again, I’ve usually planned ahead what I’m going to make, because, newsflash: I write recipes full time, so I’m always home to head out grocery shopping on a Monday morning, or in for receive an Ocado order in whatever awkward slot that was leftover by the time I’d got around to hitting ‘confirm’.

If I want to make something long and slow that cooks for hours, or a lasagna from scratch for dinner without making elements ahead (this is my go-to recipe) I can. It is literally my job to be cooking during the day. So, I hope you forgive me that I don’t really know what ‘weeknight’ really is anymore.

All that being said, I’m here to tell you why my Potato Hash with Baked Eggs & Tomatoes is one of those perfect ‘weeknight’ recipes. It’s one of my recipes over on the BBC Food website, and I think it hits all the ‘weeknight’ boxes. It is all cooked in one tray to cut down on washing up, it is ready in under an hour with around only 15 minutes total hands on time, and all the ingredients are available at your average metro or local supermarket store. I’ve happily made this in the time between J arriving home after a day in the City, and our usual 7:30pm dinner time.

For the recipe, head over to BBC Food. Photo by Kate Whitaker.