Pancake Day: Ham, Egg & Spinach Dutch Baby Pancake

Ham, Egg & Spinach Dutch Baby Pancake

I like making dutch baby pancakes. I also have a habit of trying to turn everything into a dutch baby pancake. The classic vanilla version served with fresh lemon and a sprinkling of sugar I published in Student Eats is a regular, last minute weeknight dessert in our house, and elsewhere on the sweet spectrum I love making my Banana & Blueberry Dutch Baby Pancake with Maple Syrup or my Banana & Nutella Dutch Baby Pancake for lazy weekend breakfasts and brunches. My Caramelised Apple & Cinnamon Dutch Baby Pancake is great for crisp, autumn mornings, and my Gingerbread & Pomegranate Dutch Baby is a Christmas favourite.

Last year for Pancake Day I started to venture into the world of savoury dutch babies. It started with my spin off of a recipe from the brilliant Smitten Kitchen Every Day book: my Creamy Mushroom Savoury Dutch Baby Pancake, a brilliant solo supper for a #MeatFreeMonday. Then, things started to get a bit wilder when I started to think about menu favourites in Brittany, the savoury filled pancake capital of France, somewhere I’ve been lucky to visit at least once a year for more than a decade.

This Ham, Egg and Spinach Dutch Baby Pancake is a bit of a magical recipe, if I may say so myself, inspired by a classic French ham, egg and cheese crepe. I’ve folded frozen spinach into the batter for a pretty, earthy, veggie boost, before an egg, cracked into a bed of wafer thin ham ribbons is baked on top, to be finished with a shower of freshly grated parmesan just before serving. It is a delicious, rounded solo supper that is so easy to make compared with how impressive it looks.

For the recipe, head over to BBC Food. Photo by Kate Whitaker.