Weekly Love: the one where I started baking bread again

1. Growing all the fruit and vegetable from seed to keep us going over the summer. | 2. New from me over at BBC Food, Fajita Chicken Fried Rice. | 3. Teaming up with Cotswold Flour (thank you so much for bailing me out and gifting me a new supply guys!) to make Challah for the first time, my favourite Friday Night Jewish holiday bread from Leah Koenig’s brilliant The Jewish Cookbook (#ad #gifted). | 4. Another preview from One Pan Pescatarian over on my Instagram page, the Roast Aubergine and Fresh Tomato Salad with Basil Vinaigrette from the cover spread and one of my favourite (happily vegan) salads in the book. Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? (#ad) | 5. Another bread baking adventure, the food-porn worthy Ligurian Focaccia Samin Nosrat learns to make on Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. | 6. Langoustines from The Goods Shed fish counter in Canterbury cooked in a quick lemon and black pepper butter. 

What have you been finding small pockets of joy in this week, and what have you got planned this weekend? I’m hoping to carve out some reading time (did you know that I run a Bookstagram account called Lilac & Ink?) as it is supposed to be a bit cloudy and overcast down here in Kent.

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