Weekly Love – Week 72

DSC_0023+ This weeks Hummingbird Bakery cake book experiment: Sticky Toffee Cupcakes – I think these are the best ones I’ve tried so far!
+ Ella shows us how to make a thrifted vintage charm bracelet – I really want to try this!
+ Finishing my A Levels. Such an amazing feeling – my 18th birthday bottle of champagne I’ve been saving was the perfect celebration!
Sophie has written a fantastic guide to cleaning out your makeup bag.

+ Long Island Iced Tea.

+ Defining success for your blog.

+ Clinique Bonus Time – i love freebies! (For those of you who don’t know what Bonus Time is, I’ve explained it here!)

+ These photos make me wish I lived in California.

+ Homemade scotch eggs, fresh and still warm!

+ Gala Darling gives us a rundown of Los Angeles’ hottest vintage stores.
17 Nail Bar In A Bag - free+ If you buy any two ’17’ products in Boots until the 12th July you’ll receive a free summer nail art kit bag – make sure to pick one up in store or online!

+ The new Wildfox lookbook.

+ Trying out the amazing new mexican restaurant in town with my friend Kathryn.

How to repair broken eyeshadows.
+ Spending hours on Tumblr looking at pretty pictures and not feeling guilty about it, because I no longer have any exams to study for!
+ Sally has written a fantastic guide to looking polished.

+ There is a new Maroon 5 song called ‘Moves Like Jagger’ featuring Christina Aguilera. There are not words to describe how happy this makes me!

+ Forever 21’s possible lawsuit against a California blogger makes me suddenly interested in my studies of the American Constitution, and makes me love the first Amendment…

+ Waking up with the instant thought of ‘what exam do I have today?’ and realising that I’d finished them and I don’t have anything I HAVE to be doing today!

Trust Katy Perry to create a totally wacked out mini film/ music video for Last friday Night (T.G.I.F)  -she’s even got some of the Glee guys and Rebecca Black in it!DSC_0020+ Chilli and tomato baked haddock with Mediterranean couscous. 
+ Benefit has launched a new mascara – I can’t wait for this to hit the UK!
+ Getting away with chocolate pudding for breakfast because I’m on holiday. 
+ Kate has an amazing feature on her blog, called Weekly Blog Love where she rounds up some of the best blog posts she’s read that week – one of my favourite posts to sink my teeth into every week!
+ Reading Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange – and absolutely incredible book – I’ll post a review soon!
+ Suze reminds us bloggers that we’re not in high school anymore.

+ Waking up and going to bed without looking at the clock all day, having no idea what the time is because there is nothing I need to be doing.

+ Andy Torres has filmed yet another film showing us her favourite chic spots in Amsterdam!

+ Long, country, family walks.

+ More from Gala, she’s written three fantastic posts on body image among fashion and style bloggers (one, two & three)

What have you been enjoying this week?