Weekly Meal Plan: Recipes you don’t usually have time for

My Weekly Meal Plans are back! I figured now that it is actually possible to go to the supermarket with a shopping list rather than just heading in and buying whatever is available, it was time to bring back my fortnightly suggestions for what to make for dinner next week! This week I decided the theme would be recipes that are great on a weeknight, but take a little more hands off time so while they’re no more work than my usual weeknight dishes, they involve checking occasionally, or a slightly longer time in the oven.

Monday: Freeze Ahead Red Lentil Ragu

I’ve been making this easy – accidentally vegan – red lentil ragu since I was a student living in Los Angeles. Over pasta it is the ultimate comfort dish, and I love that the first time you make it you make a massive vat for freezing that later defrosts from frozen in the time it takes to cook a bowl of pasta to serve it over!

Tuesday: Lamb & Green Chilli Curry with Pineapple Pickle Salad

I’m always making weeknight curries, but I know my ability to get a slow cooked meat curry alongside homemade pilau rice and a zingy salad to cut through the rich sauce is because I work from home so I can marinate and monitor from time to time while I type away at the kitchen table. This is one of my favourite curries to make at home, and it is what is expected whenever I announce that it is ‘lamb curry’ for dinner! 

Wednesday: Classic Bolognese Lasagna

This is one of my favourite and most made recipes on this blog. However, it does take time from making the meat sauce and the bechamel, to assembly, followed by a long baking time with a foil change half way, plus resting time. It’s a very simple labour of love, and if you can step away from your computer occasionally, one of the very best midweek meals out there. 

Thursday: Sweet Potato, Red Onion, Feta & Spinach Quiche

I’m all about quiche at the moment. My Mum made her Classic Quiche Lorraine the other day and it is the best meal for the end of spring, start of summer, and for working from home. Enjoy a nice warm quiche for dinner one night, then have the leftovers for lunch on the days that follow.

Friday: Beef, Tomato & Pepper Casserole with Black Olives

I know casseroles are usually for cooler weather, but I love this Mediterranean-style beef casserole served over rice on cooler summer evenings like this rainy start to June we’ve been experiencing. It also works beautifully with veal.

A few more recipes you might enjoy this weekend: I know we’re all about baking at the moment, so why not make my Easy Lemon Biscuits, Toasted Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Cookies, Easy Rosewater Biscuits, Chocolate Cake with Lazy Piped Matcha Frosting, Spring Citrus Loaf Cake, Strawberry Buttercream & Pistachio Mini Cakes, Mummy’s Banana Bread.