Weekly Love: the one with all the healthy(ish) New Year cooking

1. I’ve shared my ‘no recipe’ recipe for Chicken Schnitzel over on Instagram. | 2. From the latest edition of my newsletter ingredient, the recipe for my Sicilian-style Blood Orange & Fennel Salad with Pine Nuts. | 3. And from my January edition focusing on Leeks, my Garlicky Leek & Potato Soup. | 4. And, the perfect side dish for your roast chicken this weekend: my Creamed Leeks with Tarragon. | 5. In December we talked about Cinnamon, and I can’t recommend my recipe for Grated Carrot Salad with Cinnamon, Coriander & Pistachios enough. | 6. And as the ultimate side dish, my Caramalised Onion & Cinnamon Rice.

What have you been finding small pockets of joy in this week, and what have you got planned this weekend? We’re heading out and about for some errands tomorrow, but otherwise I’m looking forward to a quiet one, a bit of tidying around the house, lots of reading on our new sofa, and I think I’m going to give this chili recipe a go!