Caviar Crisps

Close up of crisps topped with lumpfish and trout caviar.

We’re not so much kicking off things in my Christmas Kitchen this year not so much with a recipe, but with an easy preparation that is the perfect quick, luxe canapé to enjoy with a glass of champagne, either at a party, or before dinner just because it’s December (today is a Friday, after all!): say hello to these delicious Caviar Crisps.

Long time readers will know that my favourite way to add a little seafood luxury to something (such as a seasonal seafood or latke platter, for example) is with a dollop of Elsinore’s Lumpfish Caviar – at just £2.50 for a little jar that goes a really really long way (and where leftovers are great spread onto hot toast with cream cheese or stirred through scrambled eggs) – and as earlier in the year they gifted me a whole delivery of their products (this is not a sponsored post, they just re-stocked me as they knew I was already a fan!) I figured I’d share this easy entertaining idea with you all that I’ve been keeping to myself for a couple of years (sorry about that!)

Close up of a potato chip topped with sour cream, caviar and chives.
Plate of crisps topped with caviar next to jars of caviar.

As I mentioned, there is not really a ‘recipe’ as such for this quick canapé, it is more of an assembly job once you’ve gathered the ingredients needed. I’ve added a splash of colour by adding some of their trout caviar too, though do keep in mind it is a bit more pricy than the lumpfish. You don’t have to stick to caviar here though, you can also make some crisps with little squares of their excellent pickled herring (also very affordable) too, though that does mean you’ll have to get a sharp knife and a chopping board out to make the little herring pieces.

Sour cream is the best choice for dairy here, and whilst I’ve snipped some chives with a pair of scissors to add a little touch of allium to proceedings, though little torn off pieces of dill frond will also be an excellent shout.

Choosing the right crisp for the job

Now, something I need to cover before we get onto the not-a-recipe recipe is the type of crisp (or for my American readers, potato chip) you’ll want to be using here. Because caviar is quite salty, you don’t want something with a tonne of salt. But, because sour cream sitting on a crisp for a while will make it soggy, the crisp needs to be able to hold up to a bit of moisture.

You’ve got two options here: if you’re making a small batch of these (to serve right away, you should always serve these caviar crisps right away) I like to pick the crisps out of a bag of Salt & Shake Crisps (these used to be my Grandfather’s favourite snack with a small glass of sherry, and I love how with the little twist of blue salt inside you can choose how salty you make your crisps) and then save the rest with a clip on for myself the next time I also pour myself a sherry, but if you’re working on a larger platter and need crisps with a little more structure, Kettle Chips Lightly Salted are also an excellent shout.

A grey plate of crisps topped with sour cream and black and orange caviar.

Other holiday party essentials

As we’re heading into the party season proper now the first door on the advent calendar is open, a few more treats that are perfect for serving alongside a plate of these Caviar Crisps:

  • I’ve pictured it set with a spiced butter, but this Truffled Mushroom Pate is also great as a veggie canapé spread on little squares of toast and topped with a little sliced round of gherkin.
  • My Mum’s Classic Cheese Straws – one of the all time most popular recipes on this site – are a true family favourite all year around, but especially at festive drinks parties.
  • But J actually prefers these Crystallised Ginger Cheese Straws with parmesan and puff pastry.
  • On this theme, my Parmesan and Paprika Cocktail Stars went viral last Christmas for a reason!
  • Always a crowd-pleaser I’m just going to leave this Honey & Worcestershire Cocktail Sausages recipe right here.
  • Sweets are also important for a party spread, and for my these German Cinnamon Stars are a Christmas essential – it may take a while to make them but the big batch will last in a tin the whole holiday season and usually go down really well when I put out a plate or gift a bag.
  • Another small little biscuit for nibbling on, these Homemade Amaretti Biscuits usually make an appearance during my Christmasses, too.
  • Also one of my Mum’s classic recipes everyone loves: her slightly unusual mince pie recipe.
  • And my favourite festive drink to wash this all down with? A Classic Champagne Cocktail.

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A grey plate of crisps topped with sour cream and black and orange caviar.

Caviar Crisps

  • Author: Rachel Phipps
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Category: Canapes
  • Cuisine: Christmas


A festive no-recipe recipe for Caviar Crisps, a quick and easy to assemble yet super luxe canapé perfect for enjoying with a chilled glass of champagne!


  • lumpfish caviar
  • trout caviar
  • sour cream
  • unsalted or lightly salted crisps
  • chives or dill fronds


  1. Arrange the crisps on a serving platter.
  2. Dollop a little sour cream, then caviar onto each.
  3. Top each with chives snipped with a pair of kitchen scissors, or a torn dill frond.
  4. Enjoy immediately! 


If you’re making a small batch of these I like to pick the crisps out of a bag of Salt & Shake Crisps, but if you’re working on a larger platter and need crisps with a little more structure, Kettle Chips Lightly Salted are also an excellent shout.