Friday, 15 June 2018

Recipe: One Pan Merguez with Red Peppers & Crispy Chickpeas

This post was created in partnership with BRITA. Today I want to mark the end of my single-use plastic free week challenge with a delicious, easy, weeknight dinner made without generating any single-use plastic for the recycling bin. While usually I use one-pan recipes to empty the fridge of some veggies and grab some protein from the freezer, they're so easy to throw together on a weeknight I can't resist planning ahead for them too. Don't skimp on the quick pickled red onions here as they really brighten the dish and add a bit of punch, and possibly serve it with some fresh crusty bread if you don't have a dessert planned.
Easy Sheet Pan Merguez with Red Peppers & Crispy Chickpeas #onepan #sheetpan #dinner #lamb #merguez #pepper #chickpeas

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

An Update On My Single-Use Plastic Free Week

This post was created in partnership with BRITA. In case you missed Monday's post, last week the guys at BRITA challenged me to #SwapForGood by trying to cut down on single-use plastic (they've been campaigning since 2017 to get people to swap single-use plastic for more sustainable options to cut down on household waste, for example swapping bottles of mineral water for filter water, you can find out more here!) By way of recording how I got on, on Monday I went food shopping and found I could manage to buy everything on my shopping list single-use plastic free except for milk (you can read how I got on here!), and today I thought I'd share some of my single-use plastic free meals from last week. Hopefully, if you decide to take up this challenge yourself too I hope this post will also give you some meal ideas to help you on your way!
Update on my Single-use Plastic Free Week

Monday, 11 June 2018

Shopping for a Single-use Plastic Free Week

This post was created in partnership with BRITA. Even the guy working on the fruit and veg stall I visited this week on the North End Road in Fulham knew (from his Instagram feed) the statistic that eight million tons of plastic waste enters the ocean each year, and that around seventy percent of rubbish currently in the sea is plastic. The stats on how much plastic fish (that we later eat!) digest just does not bare thinking about. I've been wanting to challenge myself to go single-use plastic free for a week for a while now (I say single use, as I'm one of those people who tries to re-use tubs and containers as much as possible!), so when the guys behind my parents' fridge door water filter, BRITA got in touch to ask me to swap for good and cut down on my single-use plastic consumption, I set aside last week to go single-use plastic free (at least in the kitchen!) and this week, all of my blog posts will be dedicated to how I got on with the challenge.
Shopping for a Single-use Plastic Free Week #plasticfree

Friday, 8 June 2018

Weekly Love: Week 132

I know I should not complain, but I've found one of the biggest curses of working for yourself is the really, really busy times feel I think even more overwhelming than if you worked a regular nine to five, because you get the push the boundaries of your downtime more. I love that on days when I'm on top of everything and my workload is light and I'm really not feeling it, I don't have to do anything if I don't want to, but then I find myself pining for those times during weeks like these when I'm absolutely run off my feet. Or am I just taking my free days for granted? Anyhow, my being busy means that there are lots of exciting projects in the pipeline - keep an eye out because next week, for example, the blog is being totally taken over by a challenge I've been working on this week - going single-use plastic free! Also, this will be a mind bender for those of you not used to magazine editorial deadlines: I will have cooked four Christmas dinners this year before August 31st!
Weekly Love 08.06.18[1] 1. Spending time in beautiful, sunny Kent. | 2. Buying masses of berries at the market to eat over yogurt every morning. | 3. Ordering literally everything on the menu at The Compasses Inn in Crundale. | 4. Toasting the long weekend with homemade Aperol Spritz' by the pond. | 5. Burgers for dinner at The Mitre in Fulham. | 6. Finding new friends on long, country walks.