Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Places To Eat In Canterbury: Byron + Byron Burger Club

As I mentioned in my review of The Burger Brothers' residence at Alberry's the other week, a massive source of new opening excitement in Canterbury was whipped up the moment Byron announced that they were coming to town. Now, usually I'm not one to write about chains, but I've never seen Byron as one. Maybe it was because the first Byron I ever had when there was only a handful of branches; I was eating what I will always remember as one of the first, good 'proper' hamburgers I ever had at their first ever branch outside of London at Bluewater (where my teenage self used to travel to to go to all the big shops before I moved to London!)
The opening of Byron Burger in Canterbury

Monday, 27 July 2015

Places To Eat On The Isle of Man: The Boatyard, Peel

I've mentioned before when I showed you the beautiful Ballaugh Shore last year that I only seem to visit the Isle of Man for less than happy family occasions. My recent trip was not really for much lighter reasons, but given a bit more warning that I'd be visiting I decided to do a bit of research to add something into the trip that we could all enjoy together. I turned to the guys at Visit Isle of Man for a few recommendations, and ended up booking a table at a seafood restaurant called Tanroagan in Douglas, the island's capital. 
Sea Bass in Tomato Sauce at The Boatyard, Isle of Man

Friday, 24 July 2015

Recipe: Prosciutto Wrapped Griddled Nectarine Caprese Starter

Be they family, friends or dates, as much as I love to eat out, I have a compulsive need to cook for other people. While I do love spending time in the kitchen making indulgent favourites just for me, most of the recipes I put together are with other people in mind. Last year when asked me to come up with a recipe for their Aphrodisiac Cafe I came up with these Chocolate, Summer Berry & Amaretti Cheesecake Cups for two. This year, when they asked me to come up with another date-ready recipe, I decided it might be an idea to put together a date night starter, because selecting a main and a dessert are the easy bit.
Prosciutto Wrapped Griddled Nectarine Caprese Salad

Monday, 20 July 2015

Cocktail Hour: Gin & Watermelon Juice with Fresh Basil

For the part few days of my Los Angeles trip I stayed at The Line Hotel in Koreatown. I'll have a full review of my stay ready for you soon, but today I wanted to share with you the ultimate Summer drink, my take on the Watermelon Gin and Juice that the pool staff were serving up in big plastic cups while us guests lazed around on sun loungers around the terrace pool in the glorious Southern Californian sunshine. 
Watermelon Juice & Gin Cocktail

Friday, 17 July 2015

Street Feast #dinerama Shoreditch: Yum Bun, Breddos Tacos, Busan & Why I Won't Be Visiting Street Feast Again

For our annual visit to Street Feast, Jon and I decided to try out their new Shoreditch location for this Summer - Dinerama - rather than heading to Dalston Yard (you can read my reviews of Dalston Yard Street Feast in 2013 here and 2014 here). Our plan was to eat our fill of some of our favourites and peruse the years cocktail selection before being joined by a couple of our work and old university friends. While this blog post is more of an op-ed about this years overall Street Feast experience, shall we start with the bit we loved, the food? 
Busan Burger, Dinerama