Friday, 20 July 2018

Weekly Love: Week 135

I've got a little hack for you if you enjoy reading American websites like Food 52 that *still* have not got their act together with the whole GDPR thing and are blocking readers browsing from the EU. Unless you listen to tech podcasts like Note To Self, you may not know about a VPN. Used to secure your browsing if you're worried about internet security and privacy, using a VPN makes it appear that you are browsing the internet from a different country. So, find one you like (I've used TunnelBear for years), download it to your desktop and device and set browsing from the United States. Then, you'll be able to access those sites like Food 52 and the Los Angeles Times you may want to read stories on, but you're currently blocked from - simple!
Weekly Love 20.07.18[1]
1. More of my mother's home grown, beautiful, purple, perfumed sweet peas. | 2. Tasting all of the different English Sparkling Wines Nyetimber have to offer on their fantastic new wine terrace this summer at Angler in Moorgate - full blog post coming soon! | 3. Exploring beautiful Kentish country gardens - another blog post about the Wealden Literary Festival coming soon! | 4. Enjoying some of the best Greek food I've ever had with chicken gyros and Greek craft beer in the sunshine at The Athenian - they get all their flatbreads and meat from Greece for an amazing, authentic taste! | 5. Chatting all about how fruit vinegars make the most amazing instant shrubs over on Instagram. | 6. My favourite French rose makers, Mirabeau are now selling their frose popsicles (they're amazing - I had one at Taste of London) in the Waitrose food halls in John Lewis on Oxford Street, Bluewater, Southampton and Watford!

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Places To Eat In Canterbury: The Parade Room at The Pound

I don't say this lightly when I say I've found the most exciting new opening in Canterbury I've been to since I wrote my first review in my home city seven years ago. The Parade Room is the long awaited restaurant above The Pound (you know, that slightly smarter bar in an old gaol by Westgate Towers?) and while they're now serving small plates downstairs during the day it is the set menu dinner service created by local chef Doug Sanham that you need to book in on. Smart, clever dining with a focus on local ingredients, modern techniques and totally reasonable prices? For £25.50 ahead for three quarters without having to get on the train to London? It is places like The Parade room that make me more excited to write about food in Kent, than across London (and where else do you know where you can book a feast in a prison cell?)
Bread and Canapes at The Parade Room at The Pound, Canterbury #bread #canterbury

Monday, 16 July 2018

How To Spend a Day in the Dordogne

Unlike the day we spent in the Loire where it was cold and wet, and the time we spend in the Lot where it was sunny but cool, the sun was properly out and we enjoyed some real late-spring hot weather when we explored the Dordogne Valley before checking into our hotel in the foodie capital of the Perigord: Sarlat (but more on that in some more foodie posts coming soon!) There are really four things to do in the Dordogne: food, caves, chateaux and gardens, and as we had the food covered in Sarlat and we'd been down a couple of caves in the Lot, we figured that we'd spend the morning exploring the famous topiary gardens at Eyrugnac before going for a climb up to a chateau with a view out over the silver ribbon that was the Dordogne river.
Chapel at the Jardins de Eyrugnac #gardens #eyrugnac #dordogne #france #travel

Friday, 13 July 2018

Weekly Meal Plan #14: Brilliant Bowl Food

While 'bowl food' has been a thing forever, and especially more of a trend on blogs and on Pinterest in the last few years, the first time I think I thought of 'bowl food' as a concept was when I was reading the then, newly published Simply Nigella volume I'd been given for Christmas. She talks about how she loves 'bowl food', where you can just curl up with a comforting bowl, so much more indulgent, and less formal than sitting down with a flat plate, knife and fork. In general, my generation, us much maligned 'Millennials' tend to lean towards eating out of big bowls anyway; while I have so many different plates and dishes for styling, our main dishes for everyday meals are big, blue pasta bowls. So, with this in mind here are five recipes for your busy weeknights ahead next week that are best served in big, generous bowlfuls.
Weekly Meal Plan Brilliant Bowl Food #mealplan #weeklymealplan #bowlfood