Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Places To Eat In London: Cabana, Covent Garden

One of my first 'Places To Eat In London' reviews back in 2012 was of Cabana, the new Brazilian barbecue joint that had opened up at Westfield Stratford, just a tube stop away from my student halls. Bizarrely (with my all around love for food from hotter climates), I had not been back since. Well, that was until they invited me back the other week to see how they've grown up since. As this summer with the Rio olympics is going to be all about Brazilian food (I have a bottle of Cachaca ready on my bar table!), and as Cabana have just launched their new #RoadToRio menu, I thought now would be the perfect time for a return visit.
Starters at Cabana, Covent Garden | @rachelphipps

Monday, 2 May 2016

Cocktail Hour: Frozen Mango Margaritas

Today we all have the day off work. Thursday is Cinco de Mayo, the perfect excuse to stuff our faces with tortilla chips, spiked guacamole and more homemade chicken fajitas than you can shake a stick at. So, obviously today is the best day to perfect your frozen margarita game. All you need is a few handfuls of frozen mango, limes, triple sec, ice, and most importantly tequila. Oh, and perhaps some chilli salt to rim your fancy margarita glasses. (N.B. I use the sugar syrup I have made up for cocktails to make my rims stick!)
Easy Frozen Mango Margarita Recipe | @rachelphipps

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Exploring Oyster Beds & Eating Fruits de Mer in Cancale, Brittany

For the final instalment from my trip to Brittany last week, we're heading to the coast to one of my favourite places in the world to go for shellfish: Cancale. Cancale is world famous for its oysters, so obviously as this was my first trip to Brittany since discovering that I actually really, really love oysters in Glasgow last Autumn, the thing I most wanted to do was head to the coast for a massive Fruits de Mer platter. 
Market Oysters in Cancale, Brittany | @rachelphipps

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Market Day & Cherry Blossoms in Combourg, Brittany

While lounging around the house reading, going on a few country walks and doing a bit of hard landscaping was all very well for the majority of our week in France, for my Dad's birthday we decided to venture out into Combourg (the nearest town to our rural idil) for lunch at one of his favourite restaurants. Happily, we arrived on market day, so we could prepare ourselves for the meal by looking at all of the local produce on offer on the way to the restaurant. Nothing builds the appetite like the sights and smells of a good French market. 
Sausisson at Combourg Market, Brittany | @rachelphipps

Monday, 25 April 2016

French Photo Diary #8: Springtime In Rural Brittany

I thought I'd kick off the week with a few snapshots from my week in France, the general shots from around the house, on our walks through the forest, and around the very rural landscape we fell in love with when we purchased our falling down (no, really) stone barn and attached farmhouse that we have been slowly renovating almost a decade ago. Stay tuned for photos from market day in Combourg (our nearest town), Cancale (world famous for their oysters), and for another easy recipe from our French kitchen. 
Brittany Cows, France | @rachelphipps