Monday, 21 May 2018

Secret Gin Garden at The Royal Horseguards Hotel, Westminster

Finding somewhere to drink outside in London during the summer is a problem. It's not that there are any shortage of great bar terraces and pub gardens, it is that they are always absolutely packed. Even with two of you, it is pot luck that you'll be able to be spontaneous about finding a table anywhere. However, I was invited to a party showcasing a gin garden in Westminster last week that is so well hidden that even now I've let the cat out of the bag you'll still be able to head along for bathtub sized G&T's and some rather excellent tapas. Hidden out back of The Royal Horseguards Hotel in a back street behind Whitehall (I used to work in Westminster, and I still needed a map to find it!) Fever Tree have created a Secret Herb Garden.
Fever Tree Tonics at The Royal Horseguards Hotel's Secret Herb Garden #tonic #gingarden #pubgarden #hotel #london

Friday, 18 May 2018

Weekly Meal Plan #11: A Week Of Meat Free Mondays

After putting a shout out for theme requests on Instagram, the overwhelming response was that you all wanted to see more vegetarian dishes as part of my Weekly Meal Plans. We tackled the topic of vegetarian weeknight dishes that would even win over dedicated meat eaters way back in February, so today I thought I'd focus more on the sorts of veggie dishes I make for myself when no one else is home - I cook meat almost every day because I'm cooking for people who won't eat a meal without meat in; left to my own devices, I'm about 95% vegetarian at home! All of us are eating less and less meat, to the point where I think we've even moved past just having a Meat Free Monday: let us try for a Meat Free Monday almost every day!
Weekly Meal Plan Week of Meat Free Mondays

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Another Fantastic Stay at Manoir de Malagorse, Cuzance

On a press trip to the France's delicious Perigord region in May 2016 I was lucky enough to spend the night at the most incredible place. While it is technically a hotel, Manoir de Malagorse, just outside Cuzance in the Lot region of South West France is more like a beautiful, idyllic home that you have been invited to stay at. Writing about travel as I do I rarely go back to the same place twice, constantly chasing new content, but that night I just knew I had to bring my family back for another stay. So, after leaving the Loire Valley behind us we jumped in the car and headed down into the Dordogne Valley to start the next leg of our journey.
Manoir de Malagorse, France #hotel #travel #france

Monday, 14 May 2018

Recipe: Pasta with Spring Greens & Fresh Spinach Pesto

This post was created in partnership with Appletiser. Happy Meat Free Monday! Today I have teamed up with Appletiser to celebrate the best of new season produce, served with nutty wholemeal pasta in a super delicious, super healthy weeknight for two. While yes, you can serve this on the regular as part of your pasta rotation, but I think we should do more to celebrate on a weeknight: stop by the farmers market during your lunch break to choose your veg rather than picking it up in your weekly shop, plate it up properly for the two of you at the table with matching knives, forks and linen napkins, and serve your sparkling soft drink (I'm drinking more and more Appletiser now I'm trying to only drink during the week if I'm going out or entertaining, as it is a bit different to my all day sparkling water habit!) in wine glasses, over ice.
Pasta with Spring Greens and Fresh Spinach Pesto #pasta #spinach #springgreens #snappeas #asparagus #leeks #meatfreemonday