Saturday, 16 April 2011

Weekly Love - Week 63

+ Taking photos of the details of peoples outfits.

+ Truman Capote writes about Elizabeth Taylor in The Telegraph. She was incredible, and every time I read Edward Albee's Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf her vivid portray of Martha plays magnificently in my mind. Truman Capote still is amazing.

+ If you make a purchase at Eyeko next week from the 18th to the 25th of April using the code E14972 you will receive a free Cherry Fat Balm!

+ Maroon 5 - I know I'm head over heels in love with them anyway, bit I'm enjoying their music more than usual this week!

+ Cupcake Couture has a post full of fantastic blogging resources!

+ Finding the perfect pair of new sunglasses almost the moment I stepped into Accessorize.

+ Gala Darlings interview with a pageant queen has changed my mind about beauty pageants.


+ All of this sunshine we've been having. This is some of a beautiful white blossom we have here at home!

+ Why have I only just got a Lastfm account? You can check out my music here!

+ Maroon 5's video from the UK part of their world tour captures some of the energy of the show I enjoyed with Sherin in February!

+ Brothers & Sisters TV Marathons.

+ Shakespearean insult generator.

+ 10 Things About Your Blog That Drive Me Crazy (via @_amyct)


+ I spend an afternoon our driving with my mother in the sunshine taking photos of the beautiful countryside, towns and villages we live near.

+ California.

+ In case anyone in the UK is interested in voting in the referendum, I've written a post over at my politics blog explaining the Alternative Vote.

+ Apart from the fact that I've always loved lipstick and I love makeup now, Susie Bubble's makeup and beauty journey was very similar to mine.

+ Gala Darling shares here first Trapeze lesson with us all! 

+ The new promo is out for the last 5 episodes of Gossip Girl. Excited does not even begin to sum it up for me!


  1. wow what amazing pictures, love your bag !!

  2. All pictures are so great! I really liked posts like this! :)

  3. I loved that article about Susie Bubble's makeup/skincare routine. Such a funny read too, and my makeup journey is kind of similar, although I went through a crazy eyeshadow experimentation period (shudders)

  4. Love the Maroon 5 video!!
    And read your AV article as well. I completely agree. FPTP definitely makes more sense and is a much better electoral system. I remember writing essays on the pros and cons of various electoral systems, and FPTP always came out top.

  5. Hurray for the Shakespearian Insult Generator! :) x

  6. Ooh, definitely going to check out the Suzie Bubble article now, thanks!

  7. it looks as though you live in a very beautiful place!

  8. I love your pictures, very pretty. I'm jealous of the sunshine! :)

  9. I always spend loads of time reading this feature, I never fail to find a link which really interests me. Lovely photo of the bag detail.


  10. great pictures - love that bag


  11. Yeah - great pictures and I really like the way you write :)

    Love Maroon 5 as well and can't wait for the new Gossip Girl Episode to kick off :D

    Just followed you, maybe you also wanna take a look at my blog (would make me really happy)!


    Miri's Castle

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