Thursday, 30 May 2013

Places To Eat In Orange County: Haute Cakes Caffe, Newport

One of the highlights of Sunday's road trip to Newport Beach was Sunday morning brunch at Haute Cakes Caffe. It came highly recommended by friends and readers, and it was lovely to have a massive (Los Angeles is not really into 'American' portion sizes, so this is actually the first time since Lake Taho in 2011 I've been presented with such a massive plate of food) Sunday morning brunch; something I don't do enough in Southern Californa and I used to do practically every single weekend while I was living in London.
DSC_1555 tablemarker 8850089654_06197040f6_z DSC_1632 DSC_1595
While I was tempted by the many different varieties of pancake on the menu, when my food arrived I was so glad I decided to go for the Brioche French Toast served with a tonne of berries and lashings of delicious syrup which I also dipped a side of bacon in. I love how properly cooked bacon in solid strips you can pick up and dip in syrup here in America is what we would call burnt and ruined in Europe! Anyway, shocking as it is I managed to eat basically the whole delicious thing, except maybe I think half a slice of French Toast.
DSC_1551 nicolecoffee
Nicole opted for a half plate of a Mexican Scramble and half plate of Oven Roasted Potatoes served with a Gluten-Free English Muffin and lots of fruit. I tried a bit of everything, and it was all simply divine. I wish I had much more time for more road trips to Newport to try quite a bit more of their brunch menu, let alone lunch.
As he could see were taking lots of photos of the food and our surroundings for our blogs, the owner was kind enough to offer us a little something each from their baked goods cabinate so we could get a taste of that aspect of Haute Cakes Caffe, too. He asked us if we had any special requirements  Nicole noted she was Gluten-Free and was presented with this absolutely delicious Gluten-Free Granola Bar, and I said I'd eat practically anything. (I honestly can't think of a cake I won't eat!)
I was brought one of these amazing looking Coconut Cloud Cupcakes which I had actually been eying up while I was waiting to place my brunch order. Not only was it brought to the table on a pretty little cake stand, when I finally had enough space in my stomach to fit it in on the car ride back to Los Angeles that evening I discovered that it was absolutely delicious. The cupcake sponge was more like angel or chiffon cake; much lighter than expected as was the frosting, which was lovely and coconut creamy but with more of the texture of spray can cream than American frosting. Topped off with one of my personal baking favourites, sweetened shredded coconut (I keep a jar of it in my kitchen cupboard and top basically every bowl of oatmeal I make with a generous sprinkling of the stuff) it made for the perfect cupcake. 

Where did you brunch over the weekend? My next Sunday brunch will probably be with Kathryn when she arrives here in LA at The Tasting Kitchen on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, because I feel it would be a crime if I did not go back there for at least one more meal before I move back to England! 


  1. This little cafe looks awesome! French toast is one of those guilty pleasures I don't think I'll ever give up ! Love that they are sensitive to people who eat gluten-free as well!

  2. Brioche French Toast?! My absolute favourite! This is a sweet, sweet sight to wake up to on a wet English morning! Looks scrummy!

    Aren't you excited to come home?! The rain isn't so bad.. :)

    Emily xx

  3. I just had breakfast, but these pictures made me hungry again:-p
    that coconut cloud cupcake looks absolutely divine!

  4. Those pictures are making my mouth water! It all looks delicious and beautiful!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  5. Oh my goodness, this looks absolutely divine! I love crispy bacon, I would definitely like this place! ;)

    Maria xxx

  6. Great photos...everything looks delicious! Sounds like you had a fantastic time...xv

  7. I am really excited to be coming home next month, but don't you dare try and persuade me that I'm not going to be upset by the rain! I swear I I going to get soaked a lot this Summer, because it is now my automatic to put sunglasses and bottled water in my bag every time I leave the house, not an umbrella!

  8. mm that all looks so good! French toast is the best creation

  9. Oh my gosh your French toast looks amazing! That plus berries and some bacon on the side is the perfect brunch.

  10. Well you will be very happy then! It is blue skies all week forecast! It's a sign! Have a safe trip back :)