Places To Eat In Canterbury: The Hutch (Now Closed)

I’ve escaped from the busy bustle of London for a few days to spend some time with my family and visiting some of my favourite haunts in my hometown of Canterbury. After helping my Mum with a bit of Christmas shopping on Thursday we stopped off at The Hutch, the only all vegetarian restaurant in Canterbury, opposite the cathedral about 3/4 the way down the beautiful Palace Street. We’d only eaten there once before, about this time last year and we were even more impressed with the meal we had than the delicious one we had been treated to the last time we’d visited. 


Though it was actually meant as a starter for one person (huge!) we shared these tapas. It is the best type of pot luck when you order because the dishes in the tapas are different every day. This one included a sweet tomato chutney (my favourite), delicious mushroom pate, something with aubergines,  olives and marinated peppers, all served with crisp salad and some really lovely bread.


When the starter came we both commented on what great value the meal was. We had their lunchtime menu is £7.95 for one course or £9.95 for two – and we felt almost full of delicious food even before we’d started the second course, sharing a starter so you definitely get your moneys worth! When the final bill came it was only just over £20 for the two of us, only a few pounds more than if I’d had one course in an averagely priced place in London. 


For my main course I had the most delicious burger of the day which was made of beautifully spiced beans and seeds, served with crisp juicy tomato and some really nice chunky potato wedges. So, so delicious but so, so filling I could only eat about half of it! 


With my meal I had what was probably the most fantastic lemonade I’d ever tasted. It had a really light rose flavour, but you could still really taste the lemons underneath without either of the flavours coming across as tart of overpowering.


For her main course  my mother had a cheese and onion soufflé. I don’t even eat cheese and I thought it looks wonderful! I could see from where she cut into it it was perfectly light and fluffy just like a soufflé should be – I could also see it wobble gently every time I leant against the table!


For dessert we shared a dairy free chocolate mousse topped with chestnuts and almonds. Though I was rather full I managed to eat quite a bit of the not too rich and deliciously creamy mousse which still managed to be light in spite of its dairy free nature.  

Everything served in The Hutch as well as being vegetarian, is locally sourced and they also serve local beers, wines and ciders with your meal. 

If you have not already done so, the next time you visit Canterbury you must visit The Hutch for an absolutely delicious meal which I promise you’ll enjoy if you are a vegetarian or not!