Hotel Chocolat’s Boozy Summer Cocktail Truffles

There is nothing I like more than a good box of boozy chocolate truffles, so when I heard about my favourite chocolatier Hotel Chocolat’s new, Brazilian (in honour of the World Cup) and Cuban offerings in beautiful, flag themed packaging, and they offered to send me a few to try, how was I to say no? Someone has to tell you all if they are worth treating yourself to, right? Sampling chocolate truffles is such a hardship, after all. 


Brazil’s national cocktail, apparently is the Caipirinha, made with cacha├ža (a hard liquor made from sugar cane), sugar and lime. Hotel Chocolat’s truffle version which they’ve made with lime and tequila are very dark and very potent. Like a deeper, more sophisticated margarita in chocolate form. They may have not been my favourite from the selection, but they are still fantastic, and in their slim box I think both a box of these of their Mojito counterparts would make a great alternative hostess gift this Summer. (Spoiler alert to anyone who invites me over for dinner! But equally people, it is a gift I’d love to receive too! Hint hint.) 

My favourites, as I just mentioned are Cuba’s national cocktail: the Mojito. These white truffles are equally, if not more so potent than the Caipirinha’s, and while I’ve never had one to compare, I’ve had more than my fair share of Mojitos recently so I can tell you that these perfectly capture the flavour and kick of the very best of Mojitos; no watered down imitations. Don’t you hate those? 

From their Summer collection Hotel Chocolat were also kind enough to send over their Tropical Cocktails truffle selection box, which was nice for a little variety. I can wholeheartedly recommended all of these truffles as well (I loved the ‘Hurricane’ which is a blend of dark Jamaican rum with Valencian orange and passion fruit). However, I have a suspicion that they contain a little less alcohol than the solo truffles (if that is the sort of thing that bothers you!) as this selection also features a Caipirinha truffle, but maybe it was just my taste team and I, but we felt that it tasted a little less potent.

When Hotel Chocolat also offered me some chocolate to give away to you guys, I did think about offering these wonderfully boozy truffles, but then I’d have to make the giveaway over 18’s only, and I did not want to spoil the fun, so instead for one lucky UK based reader Hotel Chocolat are offering their Summer Sleekster Selection. I love Hotel Chocolat Sleekster boxes as they are always so elegant and provide a great selection. This Summer edition is also packed through of their fruity chocolates, which are among my personal favourites from them every year.

To enter to win all you have to do is Retweet this competition Tweet, and follow both myself (@makingmewonder) and Hotel Chocolat UK (@HotelChocolat) on Twitter before 5pm on the 30th May. I’ll announce the winner shortly afterwards. Good luck everyone! And for my international readers, I’ll try to get a worldwide giveaway going soon!