Weekly Love: Week 127

I turned 25 on Wednesday, and as I celebrate a quarter of a century I want to share my next big venture with you all. Some of you may already have seen it on social media, but let me introduce you to Glendon Studios: a new, Pinterest-focused social media consultancy I have been working on to help small businesses and lifestyle influencers harness the power of Pinterest to grow their audience and spread the word! Be sure to check out our blog for handy marketing tips, (and follow us on Instagram for the same) see what services we offer, or get in touch if you would like some guidance on how to grow your Pinterest presence, or you’d like to hire someone to manage your page so you can focus on creating great products and killer content!

Weekly Love 23.03.18[1]

1. Birthday lunching at The Compasses Inn. | 2. Picking out birthday pastries at Gail’s Bakery on Fulham High Street – their still warm brioche filled with custard and blueberries are truly excellent. | 3. Sorting out my birthday blooms into vases (sensing a theme here?!) | 4. Making hot cross buns for the first time in our new family kitchen (see the tour on my Instagram Highlights!) | 5. Spring flowers brightening my walks through the city. | 6. Mummy daughter lunching at Deakins in Canterbury (review coming soon!)

Weekly Love 23.03.18[2]
7. Sharing some of my ingredient essentials in Waitrose Weekend. | 8. Beautiful blue skies and new spring blossoms by the church in Sandwich. | 9. Visiting all of my favourite small Canterbury independents for this piece I put together for Canterbury BID.

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