Weekly Meal Plan: Five Quick & Easy Chicken Dinners

Easy Weeknight Chinese Chicken Noodles

It is no secret that chicken is our nations favourite protein, and what most of us reach for on a busy weeknight. It is quick, it is tasty, and it works for basically every single cuisine on the planet. So, here are five more (you can check out my first chicken-based Weekly Meal Plan here) easy chicken recipes that are perfect to put together and enjoy after work, from Asian noodle dishes, to an easy chicken soup, a traybake and a punchy Thai curry.

Slow Cooker Thai Red Chicken Curry

Monday: Slow Cooker Red Thai Chicken Curry

After a long Monday all you really want is something to be ready for you and waiting in the slow cooker. Set to low, all you have to do is dump all the ingredients and leave them to do their thing while you’re at work, then cook up a batch of jasmine rice to serve the curry over once you get home. Make sure you have plenty of fresh lime and coriander to brighten up your plate, and perhaps an ice cold Thai beer if drinking on a weeknight is your thing.


Tuesday: A Basic Chicken Soup

Sometimes at the beginning of the week you just need a hug in the bowl, and the best way to achieve that is with a classic chicken soup. My recipe is enriched with mushrooms, stuffed with aromatic thyme, given bite with a handful of rice cooked in the pot, and does not require any messing around with a whole roast chicken. It is basically weeknight soup goals. Serve with lots of fresh, hot, crusty bread.

Chinese Chicken Noodles

Wednesday: Weeknight Chinese Chicken Noodles

Saucy noodles are a weeknight staple in our house, and one of my favourites are these Weeknight Chinese Chicken Noodles made with an enriched hoisin sauce, and made bright and crunchy with lots of mixed peppers.


Thursday: Mediterranean Roast Chicken

This easy, versatile and adaptable chicken traybake is a family favourite, and is great for clearing the fridge ahead of your weekend food shop. Here I’ve paired juicy chicken thighs roasted so that their skins are crispy with tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, red onions, courgette, rosemary and black olives, but aubergine pieces, fresh thyme and thin wedges of lemon cooked until they’re soft and caramalised are fantastic here, too.

Easy Griddled Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Bowls

Friday: Griddled Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Bowl

A build your own noodle bowl, perfect for a Friday night when you’ve opened a bottle of something (sparkling wine, perhaps?) and you can put some music on and leisurely prep your crunchy veg, fresh herbs and cool, slippery noodles ready to take on all the flavours of the zingy dressing and caramalised chicken which cooks really quickly in a griddle pan when it is time to eat!

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