Weekly Meal Plan: Easy Italian (Weeknight Friendly) Feasts

Classic Bolognese Lasagna

I’ve started the process of clearing out all of our cupboards, our fridge and the freezer as much as possible as we prepare to move house next month, and as a result I’ve been making a lot of pasta dishes – who knew that I had so many different end of packets of shapes hidden at the back of the cupboard? Anyway, inspired by this pasta overload, I thought that for this week’s Weekly Meal Plan I’d share some of my favourite Italian / Italian-American dishes – both perfect for summer, and to enjoy as comfort food while we suffer this rainy weather!


Monday: Perfect Tomato Pasta Sauce

This easy pasta sauce made from tinned tomatoes is a piece of utter magic I started making for myself when I lived in Los Angeles. It’s the perfect store cupboard meal for when you’ve not done the grocery shop.

Beef, Tomato & Pepper Casserole

Tuesday: Beef, Tomato & Pepper Casserole with Black Olives

I love this family-favourite casserole served over brown rice any time of the year. It is hearty enough to eat when it is cold and wet, but it also is bright enough for summer loaded up with bright red peppers and briny black olives.


Wednesday: Mediterranean Roast Chicken

This is my favourite way to cook skin on, bone in chicken thighs with all of the summery veggies that may be loitering in the bottom of my fridge or growing out in my parents vegetable garden – don’t forget the rosemary!

Sardine and Pea Shoot Bruschetta | www.rachelphipps.com @rachelphipps

Thursday: Sardine & Pea Shoot Bruschetta

Now this dish does scream summer, with a bright, fresh tomato base and flash fried fish. It’s inspired by a starter that they used to serve in one of the restaurants in the House of Commons where I used to work, and it is perfect on a sunny evening, eating in the garden with some extra crusty bread and a chilled glass of wine on the side.

How To Make Bolognase Lasagna

Friday: Classic Bolognese Lasagna

This lasagna is a total treat for a Friday night, and totally manageable when you get home from work if you make the meat sauce ahead – it stores great in the freezer, just take it out the freezer before you head in, and assemble the lasagna with a glass of wine in hand after work, dig in in front of Netflix, then enjoy the weekend!

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