Weekly Meal Plan: Better Than Takeaway Favourites

I’m all about finding silver linings and finding things to celebrate the small things here at the moment, so why not give a go at making some of your takeaway favourites for dinner next week at home? Below I’ve included 5 of my favourite Deliveroo-inspired weeknight favourites that I hope you’ll enjoy making at home as much as I do!

Monday: Kimchee Fried Cauliflower Rice

Ready for #MeatFreeMonday this super healthy twist on the Korean classic is the perfect way to start the week – especially with a delicious, crispy, sesame oil fried egg with a nice runny yolk on top!

Tuesday: How To Make An Easy Salmon Poké Bowl

Poke is one of the things I miss most about being order food in in London, so I’m just going to have to start making my own at home again! Really, what this simple recipe teaches you is how to dress your salmon for the perfect bowl, because otherwise you can just load it up with all your favourite toppings!

Wednesday: Better Than Takeaway Sweet & Sour Chicken

This is one of my favourite recipes on this entire website, and when I posted it for the first time in September so many of you went wild for it! In case you missed it this super delicious, at home sweet and sour tastes so much better than anything you could get from a takeaway, is far less neon (!) and serves two, perfect for lockdown date night.

Thursday: Slow Cooker Thai Red Chicken Curry

While yes, we do now all have more time at home to make dinner, more than ever recently there have been days when I just can’t, so I’ve been turning to the slow cooker to make sure we have a delicious, healthy meal waiting for us in the evenings. This Thai Red Chicken Curry recipe will make you forget all about your favourite Thai restaurant.

Friday: Better Than Takeaway Chicken Passanda

We’ve started having a curry one night every week recently and I could not be happier about it – one of our favourites at the moment is this simple, delicious Chicken Passanda recipe which is better than it’s takeaway cousins which all tend to be far too sweet! Make it a proper Friday night feast with pilau rice, Indian spiced potatoes, easy raita or a coriander coconut chutney to serve on the side.

A few more recipe ideas you can make to serve on the side: Air Fryer Korean Fried Chicken Wings, Spicy Chinese Cucumber Salad, How To make Homemade Sesame Prawn Toasts, Soy Rice Cakes, California Fresh Crab & Avocado Summer Rolls with Creamy Miso Yogurt, Korean Cucumber Salad.