Weekly Meal Plan: Solo Suppers

That One Pot Pasta With Buffalo Mozzarella

The most common ‘before I buy’ question I get asked about Student Eats is how many serves one recipes are in the book (the answer is there is an entire chapter dedicated to them, and most of the bigger batch recipes are great as leftovers, by the way!) so for this weeks Weekly Meal Plan I figured that a set of solo suppers would be helpful. All of the recipes this week also happen to be vegetarian or (accidentally) vegan, just because I find that it is so much harder to portion meat just for one the way it is sold in big packs these days.
Charred Tenderstem and Cherry Tomato Rice Bowl with Romesco Sauce

Monday: Charred Tenderstem & Cherry Tomato Rice Bowl with Romesco Sauce

I love this light but still hearty, accidentally vegan, charred veggie-topped brown rice bowl for a nourishing Monday night supper. The real hero of this dish is the bright, punchy romesco sauce. This recipe makes a jar full so you can enjoy it drizzled over whatever you’re having for lunch throughout the week; it is also excellent with roast chicken if that is what you’ve got on the menu for lunch on Sunday.

Creamy Mushroom Savoury Dutch Baby Pancake

Tuesday: Creamy Mushroom Savoury Dutch Baby Pancake

While I originally put forward this savoury twist on the Dutch Baby Pancake as a Shrove Tuesday suppertime suggestion I’ve found myself making it for dinner whenever I want something satisfying and filling, but not weighted down by a load of meat. This would also make an excellent brunch option, scaled up into a big dish.
Roasted Tomato & Mushroom Pesto Rice

Wednesday: Roasted Tomato & Mushroom Pesto Rice

While I admit a bowl of rice with tuna and pesto mixed in was one of my favourite quick fixes as a student, I still eat it all the time and I’ve found a veggie version is great for clearing the fridge of any leftover vegetable scraps that may be kicking around. You can make it vegan and/ or gluten free by using free-from pesto – I know I’m linking you to what was originally a sponsored post, but I really do love ‘Scala’s regular and free from pesto!
That One Pot Pasta With Buffalo Mozzarella

Thursday: One Pot Tomato Pasta with Buffalo Mozzarella

Do you remember that one pot, all in one pasta that appeared on the Martha Stewart website, and then went a little crazy and started popping up everywhere? I love cooking it as a simple supper for one with a good amount of chopped buffalo mozzarella stirred in at the end to make things extra creamy.
Baked Eggs with Chickpeas, Tomatoes & Basil

Friday: Baked Eggs with Chickpeas, Tomatoes & Basil

I love this slightly spicy, crispy chickpea based one pan any time of the year for a cozy Friday night supper. Back when I used to work an office job I used to alternate Friday nights when I was not going out with a Chinese or Korean takeaway from Deliveroo and this, a nice glass of wine and a catch up on TGI Thursdays (for the uninitiated, the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, followed by Scandal, followed by How To Get Away With Murder – so happy Grey’s and HTGAWM are now back!)

A few breakfast and brunch ideas for the weekend that are great if you are flying solo: Hangover Cure Chilaquiles, Hummus, Crispy Kale & Thyme Roasted Toast, Caramelised Apple & Cinnamon Dutch Baby PancakeStrapatsada with Basil & Toasted Pine Nuts, Americana Bacon, Maple & Blueberry Breakfast Oatmeal.