Weekly Meal Plan: Dinner for Two

Prawns in Orange, Tomato & Cardamom

As so many of you found my Weekly Meal Plan designed for people cooking for one a few weeks ago really helpful I thought that I’d do something similar this week with a week of meals that are perfect if you’re cooking for just the two of you. All of these dishes are either quick and simple, or involve very little work and can just be left to do their thing while you get on with other things (that laundry is not going to do itself!) so perfect for next week!
Korean Prawn Rice Bowl with Sesame Pak Choi

Monday: Korean Prawn Rice Bowl with Sesame Pak Choi

This recipe is one of my all time favourite weeknight fall backs. The prawns are so easy to put together and I usually have everything I need in the cupboard / freezer, and the sesame pak choi is a super-addictive side which goes well with pretty much any Asian dish, so the perfect thing to keep in your back pocket. Do also make extra as it is great cold for lunch the next day with one of those little takeaway packets of soy sauce on the side.
Mexican-style Chicken and Pepper Stir Fry

Tuesday: Mexican-style Chicken Stir Fry

Inspired by something they used to serve in the cafeteria at work, I love this really quick and easy stir fry as it has so few ingredients (if you have chicken, peppers, onions, tinned tomatoes and chipotle paste you’re there!) and comes together in the time it takes to boil the rice (you can also serve it with pouch rice to cut another corner!)
Baked Eggs with Black Pudding & Potatoes

Wednesday: Baked Eggs with Black Pudding and Potatoes

This is one of my favourite one-pan dinners to make in cooler weather. The slow cooked onions and tender potatoes are like a comforting hug, with the black pudding giving a hit of rich, meaty flavour and the eggs (get the best you can afford for the yolks!) pulling the whole thing together. If, like me, you keep a few slices of black pudding in the freezer for weekend breakfasts this dish is also something of a store cupboard hero.
Easy Griddled Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Bowls

Thursday: Griddled Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Bowls

Great for clearing all sort of salad and aromatic things from the fridge as the week draws to a close, I love these noodle bowls hot or cold, or a mixture of both (experiment with serving the noodles hot or cold depending how you like them!) – again, they’re also a bit of a lunchbox favourite so be sure to make extra if you don’t want to fall into the Itsu lunch hole (am I right that their soups and sushi are so good, but so pricy?) during Friday lunchtime?
Prawns in Orange, Tomato & Cardamom

Friday: Prawns in Orange, Tomato and Cardamom

Okay, so I know this prawn dish looks like something you’d serve during the summertime (be sure to chill a bottle of wine to go with it and to pick up some nice crusty bread on the way home from work) but trust me, the addition of cardamom and fresh thyme to the dish gives it a nice autumnal feel for a end of the work week treat!

A few more ideas for the weekend. It was chocolate week on The Great British Bake Off this week, so here are a few chocolate inspired treats to make your weekend just that little bit sweeter: Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse with Fleur de Sel, Chocolate Cake with Lazy Piped Matcha Frosting, Raw, Vegan & Gluten Free Chocolate Ganache Bars (I love having these stashed in the freezer for a sweet treat!), Chocolate Cake with Fresh Passion Fruit Buttercream, Super Simple Three Step Chocolate BrowniesGluten Free Swedish Chocolate Cake, Salted Double Chocolate Rolo Cookies, Nutella Rugelach.