Thursday, 14 July 2011


On Thursday at school it was Commemoration, which is the day of graduation for the Upper 6th: my last ever day at school. 
Me & my Grandma | Thais & I

It's traditional for everyone to wear either court dress (these white dresses for the girls and tail coats and breeches for the guys) or the national dress of their country if they're not British. I was totally in love with Thais' Moroccan national dress!
Lots of people were complaining about the white traditional court dresses we had to wear, but I was actually very, very sad to take mine off. The only things I could not wait to get off were the very, very high ankle breaker Carvella platform white heels I wore to the service in Canterbury Cathedral in the morning - switched them out for my Jaeger wedges for lunch, speeches and afternoon tea!
In the evening we had the leavers ball before we went onto a nightclub afterwards. My dress is from Karen Millen. 
My Grandma took this photo in out hallway while I was brushing my hair and checking my lipstick - it lets you get a good look at the back of the dress too. The photos don't show it, but it went down to just above my knee. 

I don't think it has really hit me that it it all over yet, but I'm pretty sure it will soon! Those of you who have finished 6th form/ High School, especially this year, what were your last days like?


  1. gorgeous photos! I finished school in year 12 after my IT course, whilst everyone else did year 13. It was weird. But I was pleased to leave school...!!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  2. Wow I love the moroccan dress, Thais looks amazing in that colour too! And your Karen Millen dress is gorgeous, purple really suits you :)

    Gem x

  3. I love your ball dress! So beautiful. Also, I would love to be Moroccan please!

    I don't think I wore anything exciting to my last day of school, but to my leavers ball I wore a vintage 1970s dress which my mum had worn to *her* leavers ball when it was new. it's such a special dress to me.

  4. Gorgeous outfits! I am graduating on Monday and my outfit is nowhere near as exciting!

    Maria xxx

  5. You look SO gorgeous, Rachel! And what a wonderful accomplishment too. Also, your friend Thais has amazing hair.

  6. AH! Your grandma is soooo cute <3 and the colour of that gorgeous dress is stunning!

  7. It's weird to see people having such a big celebration for the end of education, as when I left college we had nothing! Like, at secondary school we had a big 'do and all - but college: nada! Maybe sixth-form and college are different in that, perhaps because sixth-form is a continuation from school whereas college isn't, and is all different?! I'm jealous!

  8. Oh, that white dress is so lovely! That's a really interesting tradition, my school had nothing like that! xx

  9. congratulations! you look so happy and radiant. and your grandma is too cute for words!