Friday, 28 July 2017

Celebrating Percy Pig's 25th Birthday Party

Last week someone very special requested my presence to celebrate his 25th birthday. While over the past few days we have been having fun in the office getting our American intern to try all of our favourite chocolate bars from a box of Cadbury's Heroes, in my mind there is one cult British sweet that rules them all: Marks & Spencer's Percy Pig (eaten by biting his ears off first, then eating his face, obviously!) So, of course I was going to clear everything that had been in my diary to celebrate his 25th with him!
Percy Pig's 25th Birthday Party | @rachelphipps
Celebrating Percy Pig's 25th Birthday Party | @rachelphipps Paper Decorations at Percy Pig's 25th Birthday Party | @rachelphipps Percy Pig Infused Sex on the Beach | @rachelphipps
After walking the pink carpet and being the first to grab a selfie with the birthday pig himself I settled down to the important stuff, his special birthday cocktail, a Percy Pig infused Sex on the Beach! Utterly amazing, M&S have posted the recipe to their Youtube channel so do check it out. And don't worry, I'm already plotting an experiment with Percy Pig vodka (I've got enough of both in my flat to experiment), so watch this space! 
Pick 'n' Mix at Percy Pig's 25th Birthday Party | @rachelphipps Percy Pig at his 25th Birthday Party | @rachelphipps Percy Pig's 25th Birthday Dinner | @rachelphipps Table Settings | @rachelphipps Flowers at Percy Pig's 25th Birthday Dinner | @rachelphipps Wines at Percy Pig's 25th Birthday Party | @rachelphipps
The table was beautifully set (only the best for our favourite pig!) and we had some wonderful wines paired with each course. M&S is not somewhere I usually thing about picking up a bottle of wine (and I'm quite fussy with what I drink at home), but they were all excellent. One to watch out for is their Tblvino Qvevris which was an absolutely unexpected (and wonderfully complex) orange wine from Georgia.
Percy Pig's 25th Birthday Party Dinner | @rachelphipps Goats Cheese Ravioli at Percy Pig's 25th Birthday Party | @rachelphipps Dessert at Percy Pig's 25th Birthday Party | @rachelphipps Percy Pig Inspired Dib Dabs | @rachelphipps
Our four course meal was inspired by the flavour of Percy Pigs. I'd always thought of them just as a berry sweet, but I was pleasantly surprised. In a year 9 English lesson at school our teacher brought in a whiskey tasting guide and got us to apply the same method to bags of sweets for a writing exercise, and I suggest you to the same; get yourself a packet of Percy Pigs and taste them like wine - you'll get the strawberry, raspberry, cherry, grape and mandarin.

We finished the meal with glasses of Asti (a retro favourite of min) and more of M&S's house English Sparkling Rose (made by Chapel Down) and some homemade raspberry and mandarin dib dabs. We all sang Happy Birthday to Percy while he blew out the candles on his cake. Be sure to check out the M&S website for more Percy birthday treats - I know at least one person desperately seeking the Percy Pig mug I got in my party bag!

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