Summerfield Garden Centre

The other day I went back to my childhood and went to our local garden centre to choose plants with my Mother for all the empty plant pots on our patio – something we used to do together in the Spring and Summer all the time when I lived at home. DSC_0064It was a beautiful day so I decided to take along my camera. Walking through the plant pot filled gardens and the giant greenhouse I felt so nostalgic!DSC_0065DSC_0053I have an obsessive thing for all things that are purple, so I fell in love with these beautiful bright flowers just by the entrance. It was a real shame that they were not exactly the thing we were looking for! DSC_0037I really loved the idea of these mushroom garden ornaments. They also came in polished metal, but I liked the bright colours. They were basically ceramic stalks stuck the the pots, and with hollow fungi shaped suspended above – is that very impressive, or am I just easily impressed.DSC_0042Cute ceramic cat with brightly coloured flowers growing on its back. Need I say more?DSC_0036DSC_0044Somehow, as I fell in love with so many pretty flowers with such bright colours, we ended up going for a black, dark purple and white colour scheme. I blame the black petunia’s reminding me of Harry Potter. DSC_0061My very fashionable mother had been out that morning before we went to the gardening centre so she was all dressed up smartly. No diffrent from how she usually dresses, but it seemed like an odd contrast to see her in her high heels dressed like something out of a slightly more casual version of Face Hunter wondering around the garden centre picking up plants. DSC_0050
Finally, I knew she’d say no, but I was still rather disappointed that she would not let me fill our garden with meercats, even if, looking nothing like Alexander Orlov they still managed to look absolutely adorable! 
When was the last time you wondered around a garden centre, or just spent some quality time with your mother?