Weekly Love: Week 192

I’ve got a pair of great foodie long reads for you today, so save these for the weekend, make yourself a cup of tea and pull up one of these to really sink your teeth into. The Guardian looks at who killed the British curry house. Not only does this piece explore why these great institutions are closing up all over the country, but also gives a wonderful history of curry and Indian food in Britain. Popping across the pond, Highline at the Huffington Post writes about school lunches in Huntington, West Virginia: the town where Jamie Oliver filmed Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Not only does it pick apart in great detail why he basically failed to revolutionise school lunches there, but it also gives a potted political history of why, and why school lunches in America are probably even more of a contentious issue in America than they are over here. 

Weekly Love 23.02.17[1]

1. Rainbow tulips outside Clapham South tube station. | 2. Egg Pots and Skinny Bunny Smoothies at The Skinny Kitchen in Canterbury. | 3. Brilliantly sunny afternoon walks through our local village to the postbox. | 4. Looking good, London. | 5. Valentines flowers from Bloom & Wild: use the code RACHELBLOOMS at the checkout for 15% off your order! | 6. My favourite duck confit sandwiches from French Quarter at Borough Market (they’re right by the entrance as if you were coming from Southbank!)

Weekly Love 23.02.17[2]

7. More beautiful blooms, this time at Liberty London. | 8. My favourite G&T at The Wife of Bath in Wye: Gin Mare with 1724 tonic water. | 9. An incredible piece of monkfish on a bed of saffron and tomato paella rice with aioli and micro herbs, also at The Wife of Bath.

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