Weekly Love: the one where I’m hiding away working on a top secret project!

Weekly Love 06.12.19

1. Eating all the deliciousness at Taste of London – I’ve put together an Instagram story of everything we ate here! | 2.  A wonderful autumnal bowl of homemade pasta and butternut squash at The Drapers Arms in Canterbury – full lunch review coming soon!| 3. My easy Sausage Bake with Gnocchi is now up on the BBC Food website. | 4. Beautiful autumn leaves in Dulwich Park. | 5. Another one of my wonderfully seasonal recipes on the BBC Food website, my 5-Ingredient Tomato, Chickpea & Pasta Soup. | 6. Celebrating my best friends birthday in a wonderful Fentiman’s gingerbread hut at Skylight in Tabacco Dock.

Something a little different at the end of this edition of Weekly Love. I started boarding school at the age of 9. I was not supposed to go away to school that young, but I was getting so badly bullied at my first school, it seemed like the best thing for me to start boarding at my new school, which was a bit too far away from home to do the drive every day. I had no friends, and aside from one other girl who was also new, I was the youngest girl in the boarding house every evening. Zoë – that other girl – was my first real friend, and it was so long ago only now I’m starting to remember the little details, like how we used to say goodnight to our teddies together where the bigger girls could not hear. We grew apart as we got older, but I’ll never forget when it was just the two of us.

Zoë died in September from a very rare form of leukaemia. Over the next 10 months her brother will be swimming 5 marathons befoe swimming the Channel in her memory to raise money for Bloodwise. I know among the food and the parties we tend to forget that Christmas is a time for giving. If you’re planning to give a little this December, you can find his Justgiving page to donate to Bloodwise here.