Weekly Meal Plan: Dinner for Two

Happy Valentines Day! This morning J and I exchanged gifts. He sent me a photo of a Brooklyn 99-themed card (I’ve posted it to my Insta stories today, if you know, you know) and I gave him 3/4 of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange (well, I gave him a whole one, but I kind of stole 1/4 of his Christmas one, so…) I’m making steak and white chocolate cheesecake for dinner, and we’ve got the latest test of my tear-and-share garlic dough balls recipe I’m currently working on in the fridge to have as well (we bailed on dinner in favour of the pub last night!) We like to keep February 14th low key. 

Anyway, on to the recipes. For this weeks Weekly Meal Plan as it is Valentines Day I thought it would be a good chance to share some of my favourite slightly fancier dinners for two, with a few nice dessert ideas at the end.

Monday: Easy Beef Stew with Herby Thyme Dumplings

Okay, so this is more of something to make over the weekend, but you’ll totally love yourself if you’ve made a stew where all you have to do for dinner is heat it up in the oven and pop some fluffy, herby dumplings on top. This goes really well with my mustard mashed potatoes.

Tuesday: Easy Sausage Ragu

This is my favourite pasta supper for two to make at the moment; I’ve tried scaling it up to serve more people or to yield leftovers but it just does not taste right if I do. Use good butchers sausages here, you will taste the difference – I’ve also tried this with supermarket sausages and it was underwhelming. 

Wednesday: Beetroot, Spelt & Feta Risotto

I love me a good risotto and this one is made with spelt, making it so much easier to produce if you’re not a seasoned risotto maker, making it lighter, and also making it pleasantly nutty. A one pan wonder, this one.

Thursday: Homemade Chicken Fajitas

I think food for two is lovely if you’re sharing something where everything gets put on the table together for you to build your own dishes. Fajitas are one of my favourite weeknight dinners, great served with a mix of homemade salsas, guacamole and soured cream. My Blood Orange Margaritas to go with are recommended!

Friday: Lamb & Green Chilli Curry with Pineapple Pickle Salad

More and more I’m trying to make a Friday night curry night a thing at home. This is my go-to lamb curry served with a refreshing, punchy side and aromatic, homemade pilau rice. Serve with warm naan and lots of Indian beer!

And, a few little dessert ideas for the two of you to enjoy! (Or, you know, for you to make to indulge in by yourself and enjoy the second half of tomorrow!): Heart Shaped Strawberry & Champagne Jellies, Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse with Fleur de Sel, Mint Aero Ice Cream, Chocolate & Raspberry Brigadeiros Truffles, Chocolate, Berry & Amaretti Cheesecake Cups, Boozy Gin & Tonic Jellies with Fresh Blueberries, Brown Sugar Cream-Cheese Ice Cream & Chocolate Coated Potato Chips