Weekly Meal Plan: Hello Autumn!

While we have had some sunny, and some horribly humid days this week, I think we can safely say that autumn has arrived. I’ve always considered September as the start of the culinary year, a time of abundance, harvest, and butternut squash. This year things are more uncertain than ever, so I think it is the perfect time to embrace seasonal foods and meals as a way to bring comfort and nourishment to you and your loved ones. 

Monday: Slow Roasted Tomato & Butternut Squash Soup with Homemade Garlic Bread

This is one of my favourite recipes to make at the turn of the seasons, around about now when you’ve got that final glut of tomatoes and the seasonal squash are starting to appear. Don’t stint on making the garlic bread shards here, they’re essential and very, very delicious for dunking!

Tuesday: Easy Sausage Ragu

One of J and I’s favourite pasta dishes the sausages really are the star in this gorgeous ragu spiked with fresh rosemary and lemon zest – use the best you can find here, we pretty much always turn to butchers sausages for this one as you can honestly really, really taste the difference!

Wednesday: Beetroot, Feta & Spelt Risotto

Beetroot season is coming to an end, but while they’re still around I urge to to make this vibrant, earthy, nutty risotto, made with pearled spelt rather than Italian rice for a lighter meal and finished with creamy feta, it’s elegant, wholesome, and just what you want if you also want to treat yourself to a mid-week glass of wine!

Thursday: Creamy Mushroom Savoury Dutch Baby Pancake

I know I originally published this as a Pancake Day recipe, but loaded up with creamy mushrooms and lots of parmesan cheese this lovely, savoury Dutch Baby pancake is perfect for autumn. 

Friday: One Pan Autumn Chicken with Apples & Prunes

Something a little bit special for a Friday night, this delicious one pan chicken dish creates its own delicious, white-wine spiked sticky pan sauce so serve it with crusty bread and the rest of the bottle. 

A few ideas for the weekend: Toasted Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mummy’s Banana Bread, Autumn Spiced Maple Frosted Mini Doughnuts, Eggy Bread Crumpets, Autumn Praline Loaf Cake, Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse with Fleur de Sel, How To Make Damson Jam, How To Make Chilli Sauce, How To Make Damson Gin.