Weekly Meal Plan: Cheap & Cheerful Dinners

So, I try to avoid the news as it is mostly depressing, but in the bits I have read and seen no one can avoid that we’ve currently got a cost of living crisis that is really going to hit the price of our supermarket shop. I know our friends in the US are already feeling the pinch, so for the very first Weekly Meal Plan of 2022 I thought I’d share some of my favourite wallet-friendly cheap weeknight dinner ideas for you to enjoy over the coming week!

Monday: Bombay Potato Tacos

I know at first it seems counter intuitive, a strange mash together of two different cultures, but honestly these gently spiced potato tacos are as delicious as they are cheap to make! They’re also J certified: a meat free meal (vegan if you serve them with coconut yogurt) he’ll happily eat without complaining about the lack of meat. And if the idea of calling them tacos is a bit too much for you still, buy naan wraps to pile the potatoes into instead!

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Sausage & Butter Bean Casserole

I know, I know. I share this recipe an awful lot, but honestly that is because it is probably the recipe on this site we have for dinner the most. The ingredient list is a bit long I know but they’re all store cupboard ingredients, the beans are as cheap and chips and sausages have forever been the reserve of cheap and tasty dinners.

If you don’t have any fresh thyme in the house I’ve used a couple of sprigs of rosemary from the garden before in a pinch and it was equally as delicious – I’ve also recently been making this with Kallo’s brand new Chicken & Rosemary Stock Paste they kindly gifted me to try out and I think it makes the dish even better – and it already contains that lovely, herby flavour.

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Classic Coleslaw

For a bit of a midweek treat I want you to turn one of the cheapest cuts of meat (pork shoulder) and one of the cheapest and most abundant, long lasting vegetables out there (a head of cabbage) and turn them into something great. I love making these sandwiches for parties – they’re a great thing to always keep the ingredients on hand for.

Thursday: Easy Tuna & Tomato Penne

A real store cupboard supper this, tinned tuna and tinned tomatoes amped up by plenty of piquant, briny capers, tossed with whatever pasta shape you have on hand. It’s ready in just 25 minutes, too!

Friday: Halloumi Tikka Masala

One of my lockdown favourites, this is a great veggie curry to make from long-life ingredients if the fridge is otherwise looking pretty bare. With the paneer-like qualities of squeaky halloumi adding a salty, melt-in the mouth texture to every bite it’s a brilliant curry to welcome the weekend in with!

A few more budget friendly treats for the weekend: Classic Tea Bread, Easy Lemon Biscuits, Mummy’s Banana Bread, Proper Oven Baked Rice Pudding.