Weekly Meal Plan: Healthier Dinners For The New Year

Sheet pan vegetable tacos served with avocado crema and charred tortillas.

I’m not entirely sure how considering this time next week we’ll be in Vienna chowing down on what promise to be schnitzel the size of our heads, but we’re making an effort to eat a little healthier, work allowing this January. So, as you’ll probably be joining me, this weeks Weekly Meal Plan features five easy weeknight dinners that are a little on the healthier side, with a good few vegan options in there if Veganuary is your thing, too.

Close up of a bowl of red lentil pasta.

Monday: Red Lentil Ragu

I’ve already had a bowlful of this this year (it batch cooks beautifully for the freezer) and it honestly was the most nourishing thing I’ve enjoyed in 2023 so far. As an added bonus the ingredients for this vegan pasta sauce are super cheap, too. One from my student days that I still absolutely adore.

Tuesday: Skinny Pea & Prawn Curry

Vibrant with tamarind this lean yet flavour-filled curry is hearty enough for winter nights served with nutty brown rice, but also super good for you and speedy to throw together. What is there not to love?

Wednesday: Mummy’s Turkey Burgers

I bet you did not think you’d see a burger recipe on a healthy eating roundup, did you? Shockingly, our family favourite turkey burger recipe my Mum has been making for as long as I can remember (and still one of my favourite recipes of hers) originated in a diet book – so I think they’re perfect for January’s healthier eating resolutions.

Roasted veggies on a sheet pan with a bowl of avocado crema.

Thursday: Sheet Pan Veggie Tacos

Served with a quick lime and avocado crema (make it with coconut yogurt if you need it to be vegan) these easy roasted veggie tacos are the perfect thing to throw together if you’re craving Mexican food – or if you simply need to clear out the fridge. I personally love these with corn tortillas, but they’re also good with the flour ones if that is what you prefer instead!

Friday: Sweet Potato Korma

Friday night, curry night. Or at least that is what we’re doing this evening. If you want it to be a healthier one, the flavours of my happily vegan Sweet Potato Korma are fantastic (if I may say so myself!) and perfect to serve over a fragrant bowl of rice.

A few more ideas for the weekend: in honour of curry night, if you want to build your own Indian-inspired feast why not try my recipes for my Garlic Chilli Chicken Curry (this is one of the most popular recipes on my entire site!), Indian Spiced Potatoes, Air Fryer Samosas with Filo Pastry (these were the most popular thing when I made an Indian feast on Bonfire Night), Chicken Salli, Curried Potato Pasties, Cucumber Raita Salad Plate, Tandoori-style Chicken & Rice, Fresh Spinach Saag Aloo, Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala, Aloo Gosht (another of my most popular recipes!), Chicken Pasanda (and this one!) or my Lamb & Green Chilli Curry with Pickled Pineapple Salad.