Weekly Meal Plan: End Of Summer Dinners Perfect For Early Autumn

Leek tart on a piece of baking parchment with a slice taken out of it.

I think with all the fresh produce around like tomatoes, corn and courgettes, even though it is back to school time and the 1st of September, and some of the days feel like autumn, others still feel like summer so today I’ve got 5 delicious dinner ideas that are perfect for this period of seasonal transition, as well as links to my favourite preserving recipes at the bottom of this post in case you’ve been out foraging for damsons or sloes!

Monday: Pork and Mushroom Pasta Bows

This simple, hearty pasta recipe has been a family favourite for years. With a light pan sauce and lots of fresh basil on a warm day it can feel summery, but it is bulky enough and has enough mushrooms to also feel autumnal.

Tuesday: Homemade Chicken Gyros

To me gyros are year-round food, and because this is a cooked totally inside recipe, it is great for any weather. Get ahead by marinating the pork in advance and making the tzatziki sauce to stash in the fridge too.

French leek tart on a piece of baking parchment with two slices taken out of it.

Wednesday: French Leek Tart

I love how versatile this French Leek Tart recipe is. I’ve served it on a rainy night leaning into the autumnal feel of the sweet, caramalised leeks with a mustard-dressed salad and fistfuls of air fryer French Fries, and as part of an outdoor summer lunch. You can also get ahead for dinner with both the pastry and the leeks.

Thursday: Healthy Turkey Burgers

Burgers, like gyros, are all year foods but there is something about this light, juicy turkey burger made to my Mum’s recipe slipped into a sesame bun with tomato, lettuce and chutney that is equally as good on a summer’s night as it is on a back-to-school, early autumn one.

Pan of chicken with figs, fresh thyme sprigs and a masala sauce.

Friday: One Pan Chicken with Masala and Figs

Something a bit more special for a Friday night, I love how this simple recipe yields tender, jammy figs, moist chicken with a super crispy skin, and a delicious pan sauce perfect for mopping up with crusty bread.

And a few more seasonal preserving recipes that might come in handy over the weekend: How To Make Sloe or Damson Gin, How To Make Sloe Brandy, Damson Cordial with Cinnamon, and How To Make Damson Jam.