Weekly Love – Week 70

DSC_0019+ Receiving the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. My Mum and I baked these chocolate fondant cupcakes on Friday afternoon, and they taste delicious, with chocolate fondant centres!

+ M. Robot talks about sexism among style journalists.

+ There is going to be a IFB conference in London. BEYOND excited!
+ Making these blueberry pancakes while I watch The Andrew Marr show. I can only really cook properly in my Mummy’s kitchen.

+ Very important now the summer is almost here: How To Pack For A Holiday

+ My Tumblr has basically turned into a resource for food, fruit, flower and palm tree porn.

+ IFB’s recap of their first ever Twitter chat about promoting your blog.

+ Eating home produce. At the moment I’m enjoying cherries, strawberries and lettuce.

+ How to appeal to your blogging audience: most of your readers are non bloggers – this is a really thought provoking read with some really useful tips!
DSC_0002+ This packaging my Mum’s new maxi dress from Presis came in!

+ I need a Laduree macaroon wall chart in my life!

+ Pink Port.

+ A fashion writer does not wash her hair for six days, all in the name of research, and there are some very surprising results.

+ Another Pokemon related link to make us nostalgic of our childhoods, eggs painted to look like Pokemon – so cute!

+ Following and joining in with the Sunday night Beauty Bloggers #bbloggers hash tag chat.

+ How to wear pigtails without looking like a Lolita style stripper – I love the title of this article!

+ Finding half an unopened packet on Strawberry & Grape Wonka Nerds in one of the bags I was using in San Francisco – my favourite candy!

+ Andy Torres takes us on a tour of her favourite spots in Amsterdam.
DSC_0012+ My bird skull necklace from JWLRY – they were sold out so I asked Lily if she was getting any more in, and it turned out she actually had one left!

+ Nubby Twiglet has put together the most incredible, beautiful and stylish press kit for Kat’s Rock ‘N’ Roll bride blog!

+ My Mum’s super tasty and super healthy rice, chicken and fish meals – and her salads – I feel so good for what I’ve been eating since I’ve been home!

+ Amy explains Book Crossing.

+ Watching The Good Wife.

+ Mari has made this fantastic video with ideas of how to wear a Little Fille Headband. I can’t wait to wear mine!

+ Wagamamas and lunch time clothes shopping with my friend Kathryn. Also, Kathy coming over to hang, swim, eat cupcakes and, unfortunately, study.

+ Shelling fresh peas as study snacks.

What have you been enjoying this week?