Weekly Love: Week 126

One for my American readers today: finally, almost a year after it was published here in the UK, Student Eats is available to pre-order (it is out on June 26th) in the USA! (You can pre-order your copy here!) I never really thought about anyone but a British audience when I wrote the book; my own American college experience taught me people either lived in dorms where you can’t cook, or actually had pretty decent skills if they lived out. However, since the book came out over here I’ve found this is simply not the case, quite a few of you were after a great, student cookbook, especially as a gift for college-bound family members. I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it, and sorry about the long wait (blame my publishers, not me!)

Weekly Love 09.03>

1. Apparently Kelly and I were the first people to order the FC Deluxe Platter at Fancy Crab. It was totally worth it, and look out for a review of this fantastic seafood restaurant coming soon! | 2. A throwback to our bloggers day out to the Kew Gardens Orchid Festival (finishing this weekend, you can still grab tickets!) | 3. Cold, crisp but gloriously sunny walks through the Kentish countryside. | 4. Spring blooms’s putting a smile on my face. | 5. Some of the best pasta I’ve ever had at Pastaio in Soho – again, another review to look out for! | 6. Camilla posted her first Instagram. Obviously it was about how unimpressed she is with her humans.

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