Weekly Love: the one where I figure what to do with a tray of 35 nectarines

Weekly Love 28.06.19

1. Beautiful English lavender in Bishops Park. | 2. 35 beautiful, ripe Spanish nectarines for £3 (!!) from North End Road Market – we’ve eaten a load, given some away, made jam and there is even a nectarine and brown sugar shrub (using this guide) going in the kitchen. | 3. Fantastic nacho coated chicken by temper for Action Against Hunger at Taste of London – a full post of everything we ate coming soon! | 4. The very best thing we ate at Taste of London (which also won best in show): Hoppers’ 42 Hour Roast Goat Roti. | 5. Exploring the tropics in the temperate house at Kew Gardens. | 6. Enjoying an incredible ‘Buzz Lightyear’ flavoured homemade gelato (parma violet with chocolate coated popping candy pieces) at Fabio’s in Hitchin.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I’m going to a creative writing write in tonight, but then after that having a pretty lazy one. For more like this, don’t forget to sign up to my monthly newsletter (and get my free Quick & Easy Weeknight Recipes eBook) which hits your inboxes on the first Sunday of each month packed full of seasonal eats, mini cookbook and restaurant reviews, and other updates!