Weekly Meal Plan: Perfectly Plant Based Dinners

So, welcome to my first Weekly Meal Plan of 2021! While I’m always looking for ways to eat less meat and more veg at home, as I know a lot of you are doing #veganuary again this year I thought I’d kick things off with five simple, delicious weeknight dinners that just so happen to be both vegan, and mostly plant based. I, the person who served tamarind chicken wings wrapped in bacon followed by steaks with all the trimmings on New Years Eve love all these recipes for dinner, so even if you’re not even vegan-curious I still urge you to give them a go!

Monday: Bloody Mary Penne with Crunchy Parsley Breadcrumbs

Crunchy, savoury, herby fried breadcrumbs are the key to this deliciously simple bowl of spicy tomato pasta. Give them a go once, and you may just find yourself showering them onto every bowl of pasta you make rather than reaching for the cheese!

Tuesday: Bombay Potato Tacos

I know potato tacos may sound a little strange, but stay with me. They’re full of bright Indian flavours, very cheap and very filling – you can go vegetarian and serve them with natural yogurt or raita, or go vegan with a good dollop of coconut yogurt. Oh, and that jar of tamarind paste you’ve opened to swirl through at the end? I’ve got a deliciously healthy prawn and pea curry coming next week that you’ll be able to finish it up with!

Wednesday: Charred Tenderstem & Cherry Tomato Rice Bowl with Romesco Sauce

Cherry tomatoes and tenderstem broccoli are the route I like to go with this delicious rice bowl, but really, any grilled veg will do: the real star of the show is the romesco sauce drizzled on top. Make extra, as you’ll want to start serving it with everything. I’m particularly partial to making it to go with a roast chicken!

Thursday: Simple Stewed Black Beans

These Simple Stewed Black Beans are actually the filling from my Vegan Black Bean Enchiladas, but they’re actually quick and delicious enough by themselves piled into a bowl for a cosy and nourishing dinner loaded up with all your favourite toppings, perhaps with some barely salted tortilla chips on the side for scooping.

Friday: Vegan Tomato & Aubergine Curry

Friday night curry night! I’m more than vaguely obsessed with this easy aubergine curry which is delicious either served over brown rice or with some flatbreads on the side for dipping and scooping.

A few ideas for the weekend: if, like me, you’re doing #dryjanuary and you’re looking to try something a bit different before dinner or this weekend, why not make my Rhubarb & Cardamom Cordial, my Pineapple Shrub, or my Easy Mint Mojito Syrup? Or, still on the drinks front but if you’re looking to eat more seasonally instead this year, my Blood Orange Margaritas are calling your name!