Weekly Meal Plan: Cosy Vegan Dinners

Tomato and aubergine curry pictured top down in a purple casserole dish.

Have you seen the cost of meat recently? Whilst it is usually at this time of year I’m all about the long, slow, low braises, right now I’m turning to totally cosy dinners that are still totally plant based: read, much cheaper to produce. So, for this weeks Weekly Meal Plan here are five delicious dinners which are totally vegan, and delicious!

Pan of jackfruit fajitas, wraps and toppings on a blue background.

Monday: Jackfruit Fajitas

Fajitas are always a start of the week favourite, and canned jackfruit is a great alternative to my usual chicken fajitas, because have you seen the price of skinless boneless chicken thighs right now? I always serve my fajitas, regardless of protein with soft flour tortillas, salsa, cubed avocado, sour cream, and grated cheddar cheese for J.

Tuesday: Bombay Potato Tacos

Yes, yes, I know we’re talking about something wrapped at the table in a soft flour tortilla here but I promise this is a totally different, but just as delicious beast: tangy, deeply spiced potatoes with a bit of cooling yogurt and perhaps a dab of mango chutney on the side, this is weeknight fusion food at it’s very best.

Wednesday: Tomato & Aubergine Curry

This rich, comforting curry is my favourite way to eat aubergines once the weather starts to get a little cooler. It is meaty, cosy, and perfect spooned over a pile of nutty brown rice with a generous scattering of fresh coriander.

Close up of a bowl of red lentil pasta.

Thursday: Red Lentil Ragu

This simple lentil ragu recipe has been one of my favourite big batch, super affordable and freezer-friendly comfort food meals since I was a student. It is simple, hearty, nourishing and pairs perfectly with wholemeal spaghetti: a little gift this winter from my kitchen to yours!

Friday: Sweet Potato Korma

One of my favourite, flavourful vegan curries to make when I have a mix of diets at the table, this hearty Sweet Potato Korma is the perfect Friday night treat with a couple of beers, popadoms and perhaps a bit more mango chutney?

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