Weekly Love: Week 119

Things have been pretty much the same for me the past few weeks, in that I’ve been as insanely busy as usual! I’ve been juggling classes with working in Westminster and writing this blog, but I’ve been loving every minute of it. I’ve also somehow managed to just about finish my Christmas shopping, which is a bit of a shock to me, to be honest. I’m just glad that I did not end up in Selfridges at 5:30pm on a weekday as I had feared I would! 

Weekly Love 131213
1. One snapshot of breakfast at Dishoom two weekends in a row. The Sausage Naan Wraps are to die for, and I’d also recommend the Bloody Mary’s and the fruit salad. | 2. Helping out at Number 10 for work, and more importantly getting to meet Larry the cat (who is always curled up asleep) and Lola the simply adorable newcomer, the Osborne’s new dog. | 3. Learning to cook traditional Japanese food with KLM to celebrate their new flight routes to Japan. (picture via Tips For Travellers) | 4. On Monday night I was lucky enough to go see Rick Stein Live at the Palladium, I’d done a giveaway for the tickets and they offered me a pair too. It was avery unique show of conversation with Brian Turner, and cooking food from around the world and his travels alongside his son Jack, who is also a brilliant chef. I’m now officially excited for his next TV show, and I now also want his India book, I think that is the only one we don’t already own as a family. | 5. A massive thank you to the team at Selfridges for helping my flat smell lovely by way of my new candle obsession, Diptque’s Patchoili. | 6. One of the most beautiful (no filter) sunsets I’ve seen over Canary Wharf from my flat window, which have been happening so much this week.


As some of you may have already seen from my Instagram feed, there is a very good reason to go out and buy either BBC Good Food or Delicious magazine this month. Super awesome baker Richard Bertinet and I have teamed up for Lurpak’s new Slow Churned Butter for a little feature that includes a mini interview with each of us (the interviews in each magazine are pretty similar, but do have some differences) and some of Richard’s amazing recipes which I can confirm from on set tastings, are absolutely insane. 

A few weeks ago Pizza Express asked me if I wanted to go and try a few of their new vegetarian dishes on their menu, so over the weekend I went back to Kent to shoot my Mother’s Mince Pie recipe I met my parents off the train and we went for a lazy meal at Pizza Express in Canterbury before heading home. I was really excited because while I do love meat, I equally adore veggie dishes, but I found I could not eat any of them because they all contained cheese made with cows milk (or beetroot which I dislike). Luckily my parents could be relied upon to rise to the challenge, so while I munched my way through a sausage pizza above you can see my Father’s starter of a mushroom bruschetta. He absolutely loved it, but was a bit confused by the name as it was served on pizza dough. 


This is my Mothers Caprina Rossa Romana Pizza, topped with rocket, beetroot, goat’s cheese, red onion, mozzarella, tomato and pesto. She said it was pleasantly surprising; the goat’s cheese was not too strong; it was more like a feta that complimented the beetroots which had a great flavour. She thought it was a really great flavour combo, and made a nice, crisp, change from a margarita. 

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I’m just tying up a few loose ends in the city before I head home to Kent for Christmas and all things festive. Up first I think the Christmas tree needs sorting!